::Jumps and bounces around::  <3  I hope that everyone who celebrates the 4th has a safe and wonderful one this year.  Master Pravus and me were taking a trip to a feed supply store, and we saw a tent selling fireworks.  They are always so cheap this time of year, so we bought a few sparklers, morning glories, and of course – some mini snakes.  Nothing too fancy.  I’m not 100% sure if we will be able to use any of them yet, due to the fire ban, and there have been some really awful fires so far this year, so I completely understand.  The safety of people and their homes is far more important than a few people enjoying some fireworks on a holiday – but it’s still just a little sad.  I just discovered that I enjoyed fireworks two years ago, and since then we have been unable to play with any.  Maybe next year.

This year, Master Pravus is super excited because the Zoo is open, so he said he wanted to go.  Sounds good to me.  Aside from that, I don’t think we have any plans.  The 4th has never really been a big thing for us.  We will probably grill, which I suppose is traditional – but we do that all the time anyway.

Happy 4th you guys!   <3

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