Well, I mentioned that last week I subluxed a bone in my good wrist.  Fun times.  At the time, my hand was swelling up a lot, and Master Pravus almost took me to the E.R. even though it was midnight.  >.<  In the end we didn’t go, because unless you have a grade 3 sublux, they don’t show up on x-ray, and they never do MRIs at our local E.R. so they never catch my subluxes, and they aren’t trained in figuring out if something is subluxed or not, anyway.  We went to bed and the next morning we decided we were going to look for a chiropractor, seeing as how they basically make a living of putting your bones back where they go.

I am pretty fucking amazed.

The guy we went to see was really careful (after I explained to him about my EDS), and he managed to get my wrist back in really quickly and easily.  I was pretty shocked at how easy it was.  I went back the next day so he could check on it, and I was doing much better.  As I type this, I am finally (five days after the sublux) able to type, put a bra on without any help, and even do little things like prepare food and hang up clothes.  I still have to be really careful not to over-burden my wrist, but I’m feeling really happy and optimistic.  Hell.  I wish someone sent us to a chiropractor earlier (before we got desperate and came up with the idea ourselves).  This really does seem to solve a huge amount of my injury related problems.  Not that it’s cheap – but it’s sure cheaper than going to the E.R. or going to my PCP who also has no real ability to manipulate bones. 

I can only imagine how good my other wrist might be should I have gotten immediate treatment on it when I hurt it initially, way back in massage school.  But no.  Everyone told me I was fine and no one even knew I was subluxing until a few months ago.  I tell ya.  So, right now I am feeling pretty happy and optimistic.  Woo!  Here is hoping this helps in the long term, and not just with this one injury.

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