4th of July Celebration

Well, we were planning on getting up early to see the elephants being brought out at the Zoo, but we wound up making other plans to see a friend and go to Estes Park.  It isn’t as though we don’t normally go to the Zoo often enough.  And we’re just going to reschedule it for Sunday anyway, ha ha.  So, we made the long drive (Estes park is about 2.5 hours from our house), but we did stop and get lunch on the way, and to our friend’s house, so we got to get out and walk around a little bit.

strawberry ear rings

We weren’t in the park very long, but it was a pretty drive both up and back.  Master Pravus got me these cute strawberry earrings, which I love!  He lost one of my earrings back when I got my foot surgery in September, so my ears have been kind of bare.  He also got me a bag of beads (I picked out red and black ones mostly.  I’m all excited to play with them and make some earrings or a bracelet or something.  =^^=  He also let me pick out a pair of socks, so I got a pair of red zebra print socks that go to my knees!  Yay!

estes park

We had a piece of pizza, and then we went back to our friend’s house to play with sparklers which was cool.  There were fireworks being shot from people’s houses near there, and you could kinda see them.  It was cool.  We played with morning glories, and green sparklers.  It was nice because we hadn’t been able to do that the past few years, but we were in a different town than the one we live in at the moment, so fireworks weren’t banned there.

sparkler 1

I was a bit bummed on the way home, because we usually will make a srsly effort to find fireworks on the 4th, and this time we could barely see any.  We were really lucky though, on the way home, we saw a ton of fireworks!  We could see two professional shows going off at once straight ahead of us on the highway, and we could also see a ton of little fireworks being set off randomly on the left and right of the horizon.  Very, very cool!


It looked a lot cooler than it does in my above picture, but it’s hard to get a good shot of the fireworks at the same time as you’re in a moving car, and with only a camera phone!  It was really amazing though.  It’s only Friday as I type this.  I sort of wonder if there will be any more fireworks tonight to see.  Usually people set them off the whole weekend.  We will see.  <3


Estes Park was really cool, so we are going to go back in a couple weeks so we can have more time to really walk around (we barely got to see anything, really).  We want to explore it more, and go see down by the river, etc.  We got a couple cool pictures, which you can see in this post.  I love the fountain you see above this, and if you scroll closer to the top of the post, you can see that there’s some really gorgeous rocks/trees, etc in the area.  It’s such a change from the treeless landscape we usually see, (but, which is also very beautiful in its own way and has an incredible view of mountains from every angle).

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