Stoopid Wrist

Well, things have been frustrating for me for the past two weeks on account of my stupid wrist.  I mentioned before that I subluxed it, and the chiropractor has been able to pop it back in.  I’m very thankful that he is good with wrists.  However, just as my wrist was improving, Master Pravus hurt his back, and I couldn’t rest my wrist anymore.  It’s my right hand, so I need it for everything.  And, my wrist got a lot worse over the weekend, and I’ve been to the chiropractor a total of three times in two weeks just for this wrist.  It isn’t his fault though.  EDS makes it a lot easier to injure something, once it has already injured.  Still, it’s frustrating.  He showed me how to tape it, so I’m trying to make do.  It’s just so frustrating.

On a silly note, Master and me have decided to pretend that I’m some kind of Olympic champion.  I mean, it feels like every freaking day I am in a splint or have something or other taped.  Grr.  But, how often do you see an Olympic champion with absolutely nothing taped?  Never?  That’s right.  So now we’re just pretending I’m some kind of hardcore athlete, even though I get about ten hours of moderate to intense exercise per week.  As opposed to a “real” athlete who will do loads more than that.

Some days I am seriously frustrated by my joints being so unstable and not letting me do all the things I want to do.  I know that isn’t going to change no matter what I do though, so I’m trying to just deal with it.  When it’s my knee, or foot, or something, sure it’s frustrating – but when it’s my hand or my wrist, it’s absolutely aggravating.  You use your hands for everything.  >.<  Cyborg body, how you coming along?

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