Humiliation and Quarter Machines


I’ve written before about the fact that I am heavily into humiliation, but also that, as time goes on, I get harder and harder to humiliate.  It’s just that, if you do the same thing to me, or same activity with me, then eventually it will cease to be humiliating and hot, and just be plain hot.  But, the things that used to be humiliating with Master Pravus, are almost always humiliating again if you add a new person in, or if a stranger is involved.  So, while pissing in the litter box used to be humiliating with Master Pravus, it’s just plain hot to me now unless someone new is watching, or if I think someone new will be watching. 

Age play is almost always humiliating, because we don’t do it a lot, and when we do, we’re often out in public at the time.  (Like, if I’m riding the carousel or, if I’m coloring on the porch and think someone might see me.)

Well, we were at the store the other day, just getting groceries.  I have just come from the Chiropractor, who smooshed (that is the scientific term) my wrist back into place.  I was pretty happy about the thing, but unfortunately, that hand has to take it easy for a couple of days, and with my right hand still being not right, I am not really supposed to be lifting anything at all at the moment.  I’ve got Play-Doh and Silly Putty to help me strengthen things in the meantime.

I walked over to Master Pravus and whispered in his ear to ask if he had a quarter for the quarter machines.  (I am kind of obsessed with the quarter machines).  Anyway, he said he didn’t but he gave me a dollar and told me if I wanted I could exchange it for quarters. 

“I’m probably too old to go get quarters from customer service so I can buy quarter stuff.”

“Kitty.  Go.”

And, having been given a direct order, I went.  But, kind of nervous.  I waited in line, and the woman there was happy to see me.  (She always is).  We see her a lot, and she’s really nice.  She happily exchanged my dollar for change, and cheerily said:

”That was my easiest transaction all day!”  Ha ha.

I got my quarters and I went over to the quarter machines to try my luck.  There was a quarter machine which was giving out wrist bands.  I was hoping for skull patterned ones, but I wound up with the ones you see up there.  It was .50 per band, and they came out one at a time.  I put my first two quarters in, and I wound up with the red and pink and white hearts.  I put my second quarters in, hoping for skulls, and I wound up with..


Master told me to go to the service desk and tell her the machine ate my quarters.  A completely reasonable response, right?  Right?  Only, at that point, I was frozen still with humiliation.  We got the quarters though, and as the woman was giving me the two quarters, I jokingly said:

“So much for the easiest transaction of the day, huh?”  But she didn’t say anything, but just laughed and gave me my quarters.  No issue.  None at all.  Only, now I knew that she knew that I had only asked for the quarters to get a toy from the machine.  >.<  So humiliating.

Though, I will say – those are actually some pretty high quality wrist bands.  They will probably come in super handy around Valentine’s Day.  We will see.  😉

2 thoughts on “Humiliation and Quarter Machines

    1. @fyremane Yeah, I have a bunch of temporary tattoos, I like wearing them now and then depending on what’s going on. <3 There weren't any at this store though.

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