Ankle Bound


We were playing the other day, and of course, it being 90* out means I’m freezing.  -.-  But, regardless, Master Pravus was happy to tie me up with a blankie.  The past couple of days actually, he has let me snuggle my blankie in some form or another while we play – due to the fact that I have been freezing my ass off.  Air conditioning is great and all, but when it catches up, I hate it.  I am ridiculous.

I was pretty impressed with this tie though, because, while simple, Master Pravus managed to tie my ankles in such a way that they stayed up on their own.  Generally, my legs will flop to one side or the other, and it was cool to be able to relax them completely, and still have them stay up.


Teasingly, not even really biting down on it, I put my mouth on the ropes at some point.  I thought this would make Master Pravus think I was being cute, because, how can a kitty resist strings?  Luckily for me, he did.  But I didn’t hinder him, or try to get in the way of his tying, which I’m sure would have pissed him off.  It was one of those moments where he picked up the camera and told me to do it again so he could take a picture.  He he.  <3

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