Summer Excitement

I have been bursting to tell someone, but was keeping it secret for now in case, the other parties involved didn’t want me to say…  But..  Master Pravus and me finally have something exciting to look forward to in September (aside from our wedding anniversary, of course).  We’re getting a visit from the fabulous Master Gaspar and his lovely slave treasure!!  We’re planning on taking them to the Denver Zoo, bringing them to their favorite restaurant (Casa Bonita!), and, Master Pravus is thinking of a couple super pretty mountains to drive up and show them.  =^^=

We have chatted on and off for a couple of years now, and they are so similar to us in a lot of areas.  Having that much awesome in one room or car at once will probably be too amazing to handle!  <3   <3  <3

Gawd.  Can it be September now?!

6 thoughts on “Summer Excitement

  1. I know how much awesomeness there is in a room or car when I’m alone. The amount of awesomeness you speak of is unfathomable!

    The chorus of one of my favorite songs:

    “We’re goin’ to the zoo, zoo, zoo
    How about you, you, you?
    You can come too, too, too
    We’re goin’ to the zoo, zoo, zoo.”

    1. @Gaspar I love your favorite song! 😀 We wound up going to the Zoo yesterday, in fact. It was incredibly hot out there, but we still saw elephants and even a polar bear demo. We’ve never seen them feed the polar bear before. =^^= Maybe they will do a polar bear demo when you visit! 😀

    1. @treasure WOO HOO! 😀 Master and me are talking about the trip constantly. It will be so amazing and awesome and wonderful and can it be September now already?! LOL!

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