POTS Drama

I had the most severe POTS episode of my life last night.  It scared the crap out of Master and me, and luckily things went pretty well, really.  Urgent care to ambulance, ambulance to ER.  ER gave me fluids, and I perked up – just, not all the way.  I won’t go into the details of all my symptoms, but Master Pravus told me at the time he was terrified.  :/  I felt pretty calm in my head, but I also felt like I was fading really fast.  Scary.

The fact of the matter is that I have been having really crummy POTS symptoms a lot lately.  Hell, Master Pravus walked into the apartment a few weeks ago, and found me like this:


“What on Earth are you doing, Kitty?”

“I feel like I’m going to faint, but I don’t want to stop playing my game.”

(I’m a persistent bugger, don’t you know.  I very rarely let a minor to moderate POTS episode stop me from doing what I want.  Though, the severe episodes sort of stand up and are all “I OWN THIS ROOM I OWN YOU!”)  As a side note, in case you didn’t know, if someone is about to faint, you are supposed to elevate their legs above their head.  Thus, the above situation.

We have been waiting to see a specialist to try to get my POTS under control, but we haven’t quite hammered that out as of yet.  (It’s hard to get time off from work, etc.)  In the meantime, I’ve been doing what I was told by my last cardiologist, which is to wear compression socks, eat salt, load up on water as much as possible.

There’s one other thing that I have been told to do, but I have been sort of resisting, because I just..  Don’t want to.  Basically, I need to buy some shape wear for my tummy.  A corset would be best, but that’s going to take a while to save up for, because I’m going to buy a good one.  (We both love the idea of corset training too, BTW, so we’re looking forward to the day we can buy a real corset.  Bonus that it would help my health.)  Still, I do not like the idea of shape wear because the whole premise of it is that it helps prevent muffin tops and smoothes your “lines” etc.  But, in reality, if people buy the right size clothing, they wouldn’t have that whole muffin top thing going on.  I mean, that’s how it works for me, anyway.  I’m not size shaming, really, I like people of all sizes, but if there’s a huge visible line going across your back when you wear a bra – it is because you are wearing the wrong one.  You need to go to your local lingerie shop and get fitted for a bra.  No shame in that.  I think that beauty ideals like not having a “roll” when you sit down are stupid.  I know super skinny girls who still have a roll when they sit.  Know why?  BECAUSE IT IS NORMAL FOR YOU TO HAVE A LITTLE BULGE WHEN YOU SIT!!  >.<  ::AHEM::

But, the fact of the matter is that having compression around my middle should help me faint less, similarly to how I put compression socks on.  So I’m told, anyway.  I have added a few “shape wear” types of things to my wishlist for when I get allowance.  I still have this little bit of “BLEH!  The human body is beautiful whether it has a few bumps or not!” but I am reminding myself, that I’m not buying this stuff because I think I would be ugly without it.  I’m buying it because my desire to stay vertical wins over my desire to hate the concept of “shape wear” and all that it stands for.

Now, everyone cross your fingers it helps.  I am getting really tired of this crap.

12 thoughts on “POTS Drama

  1. I hope you feel better soon and they find some treatment for you. POTS can be awful, from what I’ve heard and learned. When we talked yesterday, you know I used to faint a lot when I was younger, It wasn’t POTS (at least I don’t think so) but more low BP, migraines (which include blood vessel problems) a very sensitive VasoVagal response. As a result of a sensitive Vasovagal response, I can’t wear a collar unless it’s VERY loose and very thin. Anything tight on my neck or near my shoulders causes me to “vagal out” and start to sweat, shake, feel nauseous and then grey out. Even wearing a baby sling too close to my neck would cause it. I used to have to secure those on my shoulder to avoid passing out at the store with my babies.

    As I was talking about earlier, my issue got better as I got a bit older and a little heavier and my BP went up from my “normal” of 85/49. But the VasoVagal response still occurs, so no collars for me except really thin loose ones with nothing attached to them. I have this BEAUTIFUL jewel studded collar with little drops of (fake) jewels, but every time we would try to put it on me, I’d start to sweat, my BP would drop, I’d get tunnel vision and get nauseous and I’d faint, if I didn’t get it off quickly. It sits in my toy box, all sad an unused. I hate my sensitive Vagal response.

    It also seemed to be worse in the summer, probably due at least in part to mild dehydration. With this and the migraines and stuff, I am never without a bottle of water. I used to even put little amounts of salt in my hand and stick my tongue into it to raise my pressure some.

    I hope you get your POTS treated asap. No fun at all, and scary as can be. My fainting used to scare the crap out of My Man. I haven’t fainted in years, as I’ve avoided my triggers. my BP rose a little and my body has changed some as I’ve gotten a little older.

    Good luck, Kitty. I’m wishing good health to you!

    1. @P’Gell Thank you, Hon! I was diagnosed with POTS when I was about 22, and it is one of those things I have had my entire life, but it didn’t get diagnosed until much later. When I was a kid, my parents would almost never bring me to the doctor, even when I would break a bone, etc – so we almost never found out anything health-wise until it got supremely bad, or until I moved out of my parents house and figured it out for myself. The POTS was making my life miserable, because I was fainting nearly every day at school, and sometimes more than once on the weekends at home. Not fun.

      When I first moved in with Master, I was about twenty pounds lighter than I am right this moment, and I will say, that gaining weight has definitely been one of those things that has helped with the POTS. We hypothesize that it is because I have more blood in my system, due to gaining weight – because my blood pressure has stayed about the same.

      That is scary how a collar makes you faint! 🙁 I cannot imagine how I could feel if I could not wear my collar anymore. Granted, mine is a little on the loose side. Master has talked about getting me fitted for a smaller one at some point, but we’ll see what happens. We’re not in a rush.

      Want to know something silly? We actually keep salt licks in the house! HA! 🙂 They are on random strings around the house, and if I’m really fainty, Master will give me one to lick. I do try to keep up on the water, but sometimes if I get really sick, I can’t keep up. Here is hoping that we get this completely under control one day. As it is, I probably wind up in the ER three or four times a year to get fluids, but I would like to cut that down to zero someday.

      Will just keep trying!

      1. I’m so sorry you didn’t get care when you were a child.

        It’s interesting that you lick salt, too. Even though I don’t think I have POTS, I do a lot of the same things to keep my BP and hydration up.

        I do have meds for nausea, so I’m always able to keep my fluids up, but I used to dehydrate something awful when I was younger. Nausea def makes it worse.

        Marcus Pravus is taking good care of you. I’m glad you have him in your life.

        More hugs for your health!



    1. @treasure I’d love that. 🙂 I really would. I am sort of fumbling around with no super good idea of where to start, and I’m all about the help because I’m sure that you know a ton more about girdles compression shapewear, etc that I would. 🙂

        1. @Gaspar GIRDLE! 😀

          See, the thing is, I don’t think “girdle” is a dirty word. I just thought that “girdles” typically had “garters” attached. But, that could be me showing my ignorance. What I’ll be looking for is similar to a girdle, (unless I am getting things wrong), but without garters. 🙂

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