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Master and me have never been frequenters of sex toy stores in person.  I mean, sure, we do go from time to time, but in general we tend to buy our sex toys and bondage gear (aff) online, because generally, you tend to get better deals and more selection.  But, sometimes you do need to pick something up on the fly, or, sometimes it is nice to be able to walk in for a special occasion and pick out something.

Slight tangent, but, I will never ever forget the time that Master took me out to my first sex toy store.  I had met him at the train, though at that time we did not live together.  It was kind of rough back then because I had to spend two hours riding the train in order to get out to him, and so I could only see him on the weekends.  (Boo hoo, I know.  Most people in long distance relationships are forced to see each other far less, but for us it was hard.)  Anyway, I do not think it was a special occasion, but I did not have any real sex toys.  I had one super shitty vibrator I got from a local store, but that thing was absolute crap.  Ha ha.  Master had told me we were going to buy a special toy, and he would let me decided which one I wanted.  We walked to the store, which wasn’t far from the train station, and he walked me up to the counter.  I was looking at all the fancy rabbits, vibes, etc, and I had no idea what to say or do.  I had next to no preference for sexual toys at that point, and all of the toys seemed really expensive.  I didn’t want to hint at liking one or the other because I was (and still am) weirded out a little bit when people buy me things.  Anyway, as I was trying to gain some semblance of a grip on things, Master blurts out loudly (and there was a clerk right in front of us):

“Which one of these do you want stuffed into you?”

I could have died!  I turned bright red, and I don’t think I said anything for the rest of the trip.  Ah, memories.

So yes, little trips to local stores can be fun for sure.  =^.~=  Master and me have gone to a couple of local sex toy stores since moving to Colorado, but, for the most part have come away disappointed.  They are skeevy or dingy, or just have rude people employed there.  We do like Fascinations, but we rarely are in the vicinity of one.  There is, however, one store that we always seem to drive past and never go in.  A couple of days ago, Master and me thought “What the Hell,” and we just went in.

Oh, things have changed since we were first dating for sure.  For one thing, being a toy reviewer means that we have both tried a lot of toys out there.  A lot.  We both have individual preferences (Master’s win over mine, but he does know what I like and is great picking out toys that I will enjoy).  We walked in and started looking around, the manager walks over and says hello to us both and asks us if we need help.

“Nope,” we say.  “Just window shopping today, thanks.”  And he walks away, no problem.

Master and me start looking around, and I mention:

“Oh!  I like the look of this toy, because I like that it has a butterfly attachment instead of a rabbit!”

Master picks the toy up and is looking it over.  The manager walks over again.

“Oh, Evolved is a great line of toys!”

“Yes,” we tell him.  “We know, we own a couple.”


And we would move along in the store to look at other things.  And they would follow us and make comments about the comments we were making.  It wasn’t as creepy as it sounds.  They were super friendly.  We even told them I review toys, so I really did own a lot of things, but we were in the area and were just checking them out.  It was kind of cool.  We talked about lubes, and new toys that just came out, and old ones that we like a lot.  Master picked up a few toys that he says he’d love to try with me, testing them in his hands, and asking me to feel them in mine.  They seemed cool.  I’m sure we’ll go back eventually.

The funny bit was, if I was having those conversations with someone eight or nine years ago, I would have probably curled into a hole and died.  But, it was really cool to be capable of talking with strangers in a frank way about sex toys, our preferences, and even some of the toys we already own and love or hate.

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