Shaking Things Up


The weekend was a bust.  I’m really not doing well with recovery this time around, with this last POTS attack.  Usually, I feel so much better after receiving fluids at the ER, and while I’m shaky for a week or two, I slowly regain my strength and feel better in no time.  Master and me are convinced that I didn’t get enough fluids this particular time though, because I left the ER feeling only marginally better than when I went in. 

I have been taking things really easy and doing my best to make up fluid and salt, etc – but the weekend was difficult regardless.  I kept waking up out of a heavy sleep in the night, only to nearly faint..  It was hard to walk around even to stand up and go to the bathroom, or sit up to play a video game.  It was awful, and I definitely feel like I’m not winning the POTS fight.

Stupid orthostatic tachycardia bullshit.  >.<

But, I am really lucky to have Master.  He took really good care of me, and helped me function as best I could.  He made sure I always had water (since standing to get it was a serious issue), my salt lick, pigs, and my feet elevated over my head as much as possible.

On Friday we went to our local department store, and bought a compression shirt without bra attached, so that I could wear whatever bra I wanted with it, and it wouldn’t be an issue.  We are planning on buying a much higher quality one, but seeing as how we’re pretty desperate to do anything that might even slightly help me right now, we picked up this cheepie one as an “In the meantime” thing.

The bonus?  Well, Master’s still got that pretty huge spandex kink, and seeing my tummy in tight, smooth spandex, with my huge tits popping out of it – well, let’s just say that my nipples are really sore as I type this.  (Mmmm, sore nipples).

It’s taken me a little bit, but I can see the virtues of wearing a girdle now, even though I was adverse because I like my body in the shape it is in, and still don’t see the real need to wear “body shaping” undergarments to be beautiful in public.  BUT, I know nothing about girdles, so I am pretty thankful that my friend treasure is helping me figure things out.  When I buy a couple higher quality sturdier ones, I’ll be sure to share pictures.  <3

In the meantime, I’m slowly, slowly getting back to “better.”  Master reminds me that it makes sense that it is taking longer to get back to “my” normal, as this was a seriously severe attack, so I can’t expect it to go away overnight.  (I can wish and hope though!)


6 thoughts on “Shaking Things Up

  1. i am so super-duper sorry you’re not bouncing out of this like a kitty should! Sick Duck is sending all his powers to you via the ~~interwaves~~!! So i am totally diggin the compression shirt for a start and you look hawt in it, like smokin’ hawt! =) i really hope this works for you! ::hugs:: xoxoxox

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