Not perfect, but improved. For me, the real measure of how well I am doing can usually be summed up by asking me this question:

“How much are you camming?”

If I can’t cam, things are pretty bad. If I can cam a little (say, an hour a day), then things could be better. If I am camming a lot, then things are going well! The past couple of days have been anything but perfect, but the important thing is: I am on cam, so I am getting better all the time. =^^=

Right now, I’m at the point where the majority of my day-to day is pretty decent.  I can fix meals, I can do laundry, I can do dishes, I can cam.  I sometimes have to take a break to elevate my legs, but that’s OK.  I can live with that.  What’s going to suffer is my workouts, which is just incredibly frustrating.

Right before this whole stupid setback, I was swimming laps for a minimum of thirty minutes a day, and sometimes up to an hour. Then we would even goof off, so sometimes we would wind up swimming two hours a day.  Yesterday, we went to the rec center.  Master Pravus decided that I was going to swim (not laps, just splash around) for about fifteen minutes, and we could tack five minutes per day onto that.  Once I was up to an hour, we could think about doing laps.  Well, I failed.  It wasn’t a total fail.  I mean, I didn’t faint, but I was extremely lightheaded when we left there, so he decided I’m not ready for swimming.

What are we doing?  Five minute walks, once per hour when Master Pravus is home.  If I survive without an issue, we’re going to kick it up to ten minutes three times a day, and so on.  So here I am again, back at square one.  I know I can do this.  It’s frustrating as Hell that whenever I seem to really get a good stride going with my workouts, that I get bumped back down to bullshit levels of fitness.

A lot of people ask me why I don’t just give up on workouts altogether.  Mainly it’s family and a couple of close friends, but the truth is, the less active I am, the worse the POTS is.  When I was stuck on the couch for three or so months in a boot from breaking my foot last year, I spent a lot of that time with really bad POTS symptoms.  So it’s just one of those things.  Can’t live with it, can’t live without it.  I really hope that in time I will get back where I was, and even better than that.  =^^=

EDITED on 8/1/2013 TO ADD:  Maybe I’m not as good as I thought, yet.  We went out last night to run errands, and, of the three or four stores we usually go to – I only made it through one store before I got really sick and had to go home.  This might..  Take some more time than I thought.  We’re going to try again tonight.  The errands have to get run one way or another, and even if it winds up taking us doing things one store per day for a while, we will get there.  ::Guzzles Pedialyte and elevates legs above head::

6 thoughts on “Improved

  1. I never understood how someone could not understand the need to control the symptoms overall or make yourself worse now for healing later.

    Also, I am sure you have told them that you have told them that you found exercise helped, but they won’t let it go. I have the same problem with my aunt even after I repeatedly tell her my Dr’s instructions which contradicts hers. I may have said this before, I can’t remember. I have heard the same complaint from friends with chronic conditions, their family wants to help, but sometimes they get annoying.

    1. @Gaia Yeah, it’s frustrating. It is like they think the exercise is the root cause of the problem, and if I sat still I would be perfectly fine. That’s not it at all though. >.< At least they are well-meaning even though they are misguided.

  2. Goodness, a non-stop battle and continuous cycle of fighting to stay healthy is not a fight for a lesser kitten! Here’s to your resilient spirit and strong support system! Sending good vibes and healing energy. xox

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