So Glamorous


Having POTS can be so glamorous, can’t it?  No.  No it can’t.  We didn’t do a whole Hell of a lot all week because I have not been feeling my best.  Of course, Friday comes around, and we have one last stop to make it to in order to finish off the grocery shopping.  Not bad, huh?  I can do it, I says.  Let’s finish up, I says.  And things were going well and good and fine and dandy. 

Then, we got to the last few items on the grocery list, and my vision turned to what I call “Marshmallow land”.  Don’t ask.  No one ever understands when I try to explain, anyway.  I thought I was going to fall over right on the floor, but it didn’t happen, thankfully.  I came really close though.  Close enough that Master brought me to the ER again because I could barely walk, was shaking like crazy, and I couldn’t see straight.  Oh geeze.  How I love POTS, let me count the ways.  >.<

The ER people were really helpful.  REALLY helpful.  I was almost shocked at how helpful they were.  They knew about POTS and they asked me if I was taking any medicine for it.  No, I says, I’m waiting to see a specialist because it is getting too bad for my GP to handle it.  Fun!  But, they knew exactly what to do, and they started hooking me up to an IV, and even gave me Gatorade to sip on while I was getting an IV.  Double whammy.  The picture you see above?  Master took that, after the first IV bag, when I was working on my second bag.  “Smile,” he said.  I didn’t feel like smiling, but at least I was able to sit up at that point.

Mostly, I’m just totally and completely flustered as to what to do while I wait to see the specialist (who we probably won’t see until September due to scheduling issues).  Master had me drink Pedialyte every hour on the hour this weekend, which seemed to help.  This is just so frustrating.  I’m not allowed to leave the apartment for a week at least, either.  Then we’ll slowly start incorporating minor bouts of exercise in, as tolerated, and he is going to make me use those annoying shopping carts you drive when we grocery shop.

So frustrating.

Anyway, here is hoping that I manage to perk up soon.  I have always had POTS, but I don’t remember the last time it was this bad.  ER twice in about two and a half weeks?  That is way too much.  I may not be feeling so glamorous right now, but hopefully I will be on my way to feeling better soon.  I really hope I can manage between now and when I can see the Cardiologist.

6 thoughts on “So Glamorous

  1. Aww I hope you feel better soon! I know what it is like to wait around to get Dr appointments sorted. If it helps pomegranate juice is a great energy source 🙂 it is a acquired taste though. Feel better soon!

  2. Aw honey! I feel so bad for you. It’s so frustrating when you’re sick and you just can’t keep going. I wish I could give you a big hug and a bottle of Pedialyte.

    Sending MOAR healing thoughts your way!

    1. Thanks @P’Gell. I am starting to feel a little better, but I’m being really careful and not overdoing anything. Hopefully I will be much improved soon.

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