Tummy Rubbies

Master is such a tease.  During my period he will play with me, and he will use my mouth for playtime purposes as well as my tits.  But, he doesn’t usually fuck my cunt (depends on his mood, but he doesn’t like how messy period blood is in general).  Lately, he has been teasing me by climbing on top and fucking my tummy – his cock will rub over my tummy as he presses into me, and it is such a huge turn on, mainly because of the tease!  I love having his cock inside me, so I always am a little bummed when he won’t put it in me.

Funny thing is, Master has been giving me tummy rubbies since the dawn of our relationship.  It has always just been playful, and no real turn on to me at all.  A few days ago, Master was rubbing my tummy and telling me I was his good kitty, and my clit started to throb!  Yep, I think all the teases with his cock on my tummy are starting to turn it into an erogenous zone.  Kind of cool how that works, huh?  <3

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