Slow Moving Is Still Moving

Last week when I got super sick again, Master Pravus decided I was going to stay home and not leave the house for a week.  Well, as I started to show marked improvement, he decided that he was going to bring me out a little bit here and there.  Always with Pedialyte in hand, and moving at a snail’s pace down the stairs – I’m beginning to feel a lot better.  The few stores we have gone to (mainly to pick up more Pedialyte) have all had motorized carts, so I’ve been begrudgingly using one.  I have to admit though that they have really helped a lot.

I’ve learned a couple things through this ordeal:

  1. Home made Pedialyte is nasty.  No matter how good you think the recipe looks, and how much you think you’ll be able to palate it, it is just gross and please don’t make the mistake of trying to make your own like we did.  ICK!
  2. Generic Pedialyte is equally nasty.  Just no.  I swear I’ve tried, but – just freaking gross!  >.<
  3. Regular Pedialyte is some expensive bull crap.  It’s about $10 per day (two liters) if I am having a really, really bad day.  But, it’s worth it because see #1 and #2.

I’m taking things slowly (purposefully taking extra long to go from one room to another, even though my first instinct is to just do cartwheels on my way there.  I am really feeling much improved, and I’ve even been able to get my compression shirt on by myself a couple of times.  So, I feel like I’m getting better at self-maintenance which is good.  I don’t like to bother Master Pravus with help for those little things unless I need to, even though I know he gladly helps when he can and he never ever complains.

So, with luck we are getting back to normal, though we’re taking things slowly and I’m trying my best not to do anything that would aggravate the POTS.  I just have to be grateful that, while this is a permanent condition, it’s not as bad as all this all the time.  I have a whole lot of good days, it’s just that the bad ones are really bad.

::Raises glass of herbal tea::  Here’s to moving past this terrible, horrible, no good, very bad, rough patch.  Smile

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