Fucky Fucker Fuck

Those were the first words I thought when I heard the news, so those are the words for the title of this post.  >.<  Without too much of my banter, let me just come out and say it: we gotta move.

The funny part is, I guess, that we were planning on moving not too long ago, because this place is not what we had in mind when we moved here.  We opted to stay after all though, because buying a house is a dream of ours, and we have a plan to do that.  We decided that even though this place was not the best, we would just stick it out because the rent was cheap and it would help us buy the house sooner than moving would.  I mean, as I said in that second post I linked to, Master Pravus and me have not been pleased with apartments in Colorado in general  (talk about bad luck), and we didn’t really want to move again, because there is no way to know if the next place will be just as bad – and moving costs a lot of money.

But, when Master Pravus came home a few days ago, there was a note on our door letting us know that there would be a pretty freaking huge increase in our rent if we stayed here.  Huge.  We have never, ever had that kind of increase in an apartment, and honestly – this place hasn’t fixed any of the issues we initially had.  Stove still only works on and off, the floors have nails which occasionally “bite” us (though maintenance has removed most of those), the sink in the dungeon does not hold water in it, even if you use the stopper.  I mean – this place “works” okay, but it isn’t worth any kind of increase, let alone what they are trying to charge us.  Long story short, we got online and looked up a whole lot of apartments, rent to own homes, houses for rent, and more.  He is absolutely positive we can do better than where we are now, and even though we really, really do not want to move – we’re gonna.

If you guys could see me typing right now, you’d think I had gone absolutely mad.  I am striking the keys with so much force that I am almost sure that they can hear me in the next apartment over.  Okay, not likely, but, yeah – I’m pissed.  Not at Master Pravus, for making the decision.  I know he’s right.  Sticking around in this apartment would not be okay, especially since it is seriously just awful for what we’re paying, let alone with a huge freaking increase..  I’m just mad at the situation.  My Mom never really has anything helpful to say, but she did actually give me some good advice:

“Don’t be too upset.  You know that the next place you find will be the right one.  Third time’s a charm.  Good things are about to happen for you.”  It was sweet of her to point out, and I’m sure she is right.

There’s a number of good things about us moving.  For one, we can move to a first floor, which might be a good idea considering my POTS and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.  Before, we wanted to keep me moving, so that was part of the reason why we chose third floor (though there are other reasons).  Now, with all my injuries, and the fact that I’m having a hard time getting around, moving to a first or even second floor would definitely be way better.

We know what to look for.  I mean, we have moved into enough “shitty” apartments to know what to move into and what not to move into, now anyway.

Master Pravus is right.  My Mom is right.  We will be better off.  We have time to find somewhere good, and I know we will do it.

I didn’t sleep at all last night.  Why?  I am absolutely batshit panicked about this whole thing.  It’s not good timing.  It just isn’t.  We have one million things going on, and the biggest one is my health.  I am not really doing great.  Yeah, I’m getting better day by day, but, Master brought me out last night because we needed two different things in two different stores.  I used a motorized cart in both stores.  By the time we were halfway through the second store, I was so lightheaded, and I just could not see straight.  I was wearing my compression shirt and socks, and I was not doing anything strenuous.  I am just not recovering from this last POTS episode very well.  My wrists are also not suited to packing and moving at the moment.  Master already told me that he doesn’t want me to pack, but he also knows that isn’t an option.  I will just have to put light things in boxes, and not lift anything..  For the time being.  We will just have to see how this whole thing pans out because I am concerned that even though he doesn’t want me doing heavy lifting, I may need to before the end of this.

Also, I’m terrified because the unknown is scary as Hell to me.  We do not know exactly where we’ll be moving, and we’re not even going to look until we get back from my brother’s wedding in September.  But, we’ve got to start packing whatever we can now.  Why?  Because even though technically we won’t need to move for two and a half months, October is my busy busy month for the Mewtique.  Last year I barely had time to sleep or eat because I was so busy sewing (mainly Pikachu tails), and I really can’t shut the Mewtique down in the middle of its busy season.  We count on that to help put money away for that house we daydream about.  (See above).

I know we can do this.  It will be a matter of going slowly, finding balance, and making things happen.  But, that doesn’t mean I’m enjoying it at all.  I am grateful that treasure and her Master Gaspar are coming out still, because that will give us a much needed break from the mayhem (and honestly, we aren’t moving until about two months after that, anyway).  And also, as bizarre as this sounds, I’m also looking forward to going home for the weekend of my brother’s wedding, too.  I mean, it’ll just be nice to get out of the absolute chaos by that point, I’m sure.  Because that is practically the end of September, so things should be a lot more..  Boxxy by then.

Every time I look over at Master Pravus and tell him I’m not sure how we will get this all done, he just holds a fist up to the sky and says “VICTORY!”  I know we will do it.  Thank goodness he is a bit more calm and relaxed than I am.  Before I know it we will be in a new place, and however that place turns out – I just hope we get to stay there for a few years.  LOL!

*     *     *     *     *

As we laid in bed the other night, pillow talking, and deciding how we were going to accomplish all this at basically, the worst possible month of the year for us to move, we decided we had a good plan and were about to go to sleep.  We lay there for maybe two minutes and then I burst out with:


“What’s wrong, Kitty?”  Master asked, wide awake, but unalarmed.

“My tub fairies!  I just put those in there!  We’re gonna have to peel them off!”

“I didn’t want to say anything, but I had thought of that.  Don’t you have any more?”

“:(  I just put them all in there, there’s only a few flowers left!”

“You’ll just have to enjoy them now, and hope the Easter Bunny brings more next year.”

Ha ha.  He’s so playful and good to put up with my yammerings.  But!  Fairies!  Oh well, I will have to save my allowance after we move.  😉

******Side note:  Master Pravus has already given me permission ahead of time to go ahead and not worry about blogging every day.  There is no set amount of blogs I need to write right now, because he points out that there are other more important things I need to be doing (like packing and sewing, etc).  So, if this blog goes a few days between posts, don’t worry, I’m probably fine!  I would imagine that there will be more posts in the beginning than there will be in, say, a month or so.  We will see!  I will still be around, there may just be little gaps.******

10 thoughts on “Fucky Fucker Fuck

  1. I hope everything goes well! We were in a similar situation 3 years ago but we bought a unit instead (a house is just to much maintenance for us and our busy life style). Don’t worry everything will work out, somehow!

    1. @MomoNoHanna Thanks Hon. =^^= We owned a condo before, but it came with all the same rules of apartment living, as well as a ton of assessment fees. -.- We didn’t like it. BUT we could have moved into a bad complex.

      I am sure we will make this happen. Like I said in the post we have moved under worse conditions I just wish we didn’t need to now. Ah well. We will get there.

      1. Most of the units in Australia are old and don’t have a body corporate set up. We made them set one up when we moved in (I’m in the committee). So it is a little easier here but we are renovating because it is so old (we even had to put new stairs in). it is easier to by pass the old rules when you form a new committee and become apart of the committee. Next place we buy I will be sure to be apart of the committee to, it helps 🙂 Though the housing market here is different (everything in Australia is expensive). I hope you work something out, everything works out in the end 🙂

        1. @MomoNoHanna Yeah, we had thought that living in a condo would be nice, because you own it yourself, and you still have other people maintaining it. The rules were so strict though, and it felt just like living in an apartment. 🙁 We really don’t want to do that again, but we still have high hopes that we’ll find somewhere better this time around.

  2. Man that bites you have to move so fast, my Master Volunteers me to help ……wait what!!!! Dang it hate when he talks in the background *pouts* evil Master may the force be with you says my Master lol

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