That’s what we jokingly call our apartment whenever we’re in the throes of a move.  I think it’s cute.  Seeing as how the next two months are going to be incredibly busy even if we did not have a move impending, we’re obviously packing now.  Actually, the last move we did?  We had three full, uninterrupted months in a row to move, and it was our smoothest move ever, yet the day of the move we still had things that needed to be packed.  I mean, it seems that, no matter what we do, there is always too much to do in order to get things ready to go.  I was pretty proud though, because our last move I did 85% myself – the packing anyway.  Master Pravus only helped with the really, really big things, and the very, very last minute things.  It’ll probably be different this time though.  I’m not really at peak health, so he has been helping me more than usual.  I feel guilty about it, but honestly – I am just relieved that I am getting back to normal.

Getting back to normal.  I keep saying that, don’t I?  And, it seems that whenever I say it, something happens that makes me worse off than I was to begin with.  Total bullshit is what it is.  Friday afternoon, Master Pravus came home, and I was near tears.  It’s not that I’m in any pain physically.  I’m really not.  But I was (for the ten billionth time that day) laying on the couch with my feet elevated above my heart, and I was just terrified I would have to wait until the end of September or possibly the beginning of October to be seen by the cardiologist.  The biggest issue is that the cardiologists near us are completely overbooked.  It’s rough.

Master Pravus, seeing how frustrated I was (and being frustrated himself) called up the doctor’s office and explained everything in detail.  Explained that I could barely sit up most of the time, and that there had to be some earlier appointment, because I could barely function and OMG PLEASE GET US IN.  The nice lady on the phone got us in this past Monday early, and Master Pravus had to take a remote day so that he could take me.

The doctor took one listen to my heart though, and said:

“No wonder you feel terrible!  I doubt you could stand for five minutes!”

Ha.  >.<

But the good news is, that he put me on some medicine to increase my blood pressure and he wants me to start taking salt tablets.  Yes, salt tablets.  I was kind of in shock.  I thought salt tablets were for endurance runners or people who were seriously ill.  I know that I’m not that bad, I mean, yes, I need to take the things he told me to – but I’m not going to die, no.

So, yesterday I sort of took the new medicine for a test run.  I think, as with most new medications, there’s an adjustment period – it made my head feel super funny (but it didn’t hurt, just felt spacey and a lot of pressure), but, as Master Pravus pointed out – when I take it I am 100% more functional.  The fine print?  Yeah, when you take the medicine, you cannot lay down for four hours after you take it, and sitting is somewhat of a problem too.  That means when I take it, I have to stand.  Four hours in a row of standing wouldn’t be so bad, but, you do bend over and kneel, and crouch, and crawl more than you think you do, probably.  Even if you’re not kinky.  I mean, I spent the four hours packing (because I may as well do something useful if I am stuck standing, right?  But, of course I also waited on Master Pravus and got him tea, the phone, little things here and there, and inevitably, I’d kneel to give him said things.  I will adjust to things in time, but, it’s just a bit frustrating to deal with at the moment.  Wait, I said there were non-kinky reasons to sit or bend over, right?  Ha ha, well, I don’t live that life, so you’ll have to come up with your own examples.

Anyway, the good news?  I’m getting function back, and since getting this new medicine, I have yet to need to lay down and elevate my legs.  This is still a sort of rough POTS episode, but, I am beyond relived to have medicine that will help.

As I have barely been able to sit up the past couple of weeks, Master Pravus and me have not really been able to have sex.  Well, that night, Master Pravus laid me on top of the futon and did all kinds of wonderful things to my tits.  They are bruise-y and sensitive today.  I tell you, nothing, not even being vertical, makes me feel better than Master’s attention.  Happy, happy kitty!  <3

8 thoughts on “Boxington

    1. @Zoey Thanks! 🙂 Yeah, I’ve had low blood pressure my whole life, and it never became an issue until I was fainting all the time. Here is hoping these new medicines (to raise my blood pressure) help the POTS. 🙂

  1. I’m glad the new meds are working. Sucks you have to remain standing for so long, though. Will you have more down time once your dosage is adjusted and you’re used to the meds? I hope so. I’m glad you were able to get in an see the Cardio so soon.

    Packing is no fun.I detest moving. Changes of any kind put me out of sorts. Good luck on your move. Hugs. 🙂

    1. @P’Gell Thank you Sweetie. 🙂 I am glad they are working too. They will probably always have bad side effects, but I should be able to sit down eventually when I get used to it. (You cannot lay down whatsoever though, there are warning lables all over it. MUST wait the full four hours). Still, I am glad that they are helping. I’ll take what help I can get. Other than that, I just need time to get back to where I was.

      And yeah – I hate moving. Seems we’re always moving though. Master says he has moved every two or three years max his entire adult life. It’s one of the downfalls to apartment living.

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