Shit Just Got Real

So, Master and me had to go out last night to run errands, buy groceries, things like that.  We had to also buy some new lighting for (xxx) cam, because, of course – the other ones blew out on me the other day.  Fun, huh?  Well, we went on down to Home Depot (which is an integral part of the story), to buy some new lights.  Naturally, we got in and out with nary a problem.  Nice, huh?  I carried the lights to the car, and Master unlocked the trunk for me to put the lights inside.  So far, so great.

I get in the car, and I take out my handy dandy shopping list to cross off the lights before we sped out on our merry way, and – of course – there was a big bug sitting on my pants!  I had no idea at all where it could have come from except that hardware stores often have a lot of little insects that manage to get in and out, and like to hang out in the plant aisle (which is fine, I just like them to stay there!)

Of course, like the chicken shit I am, I screamed and jumped out of the car.  Master panicked and asked me if I was okay.  I think he thought I was going to faint or something or my POTS was acting up.


“It’s just a beetle.”  He wasn’t even breaking a sweat as soon as he realized it was just a bug.


So, he came over and brushed the beetle off, and I got back into the car.  Lesson learned: the only place I can stomach beetles?  Animal Crossing.  >.<  Ugh.

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5 thoughts on “Shit Just Got Real

    1. @Vanille Right? >.< And, the tarantula on Animal Crossing still scares the ever-loving bejeezuz out of me. >.< DO NOT LIKE!! I do think caterpillars and butterflies are nice, but only if they are not sitting on me in any way. I prefer them to be flying by, or on a leaf or something, but not touching me. Not that I would kill one, I wouldn't.. I just prefer them to stay on their side and I'll stay on mine. 😉 One time, when Master was showing me the place he works, there was a praying mantis on the sidewalk! It scared me soo bad, meanwhile, Master was sitting there with his camera trying to get pictures of it. They kind of creep me out, but I admit that if I see them in a picture, etc, they can be very cool looking. Just.. Not in person. ::Hides::

  1. My master hates when I bring bugs into the house it drives him nuts he is afraid of spiders it was funny, but I got my butt beaten for every bug I bring into the house, I love bugs they Fascinate me soo much my master has to check my pockets so I don’t sneak any in, he tills me no creepy Predators allowed

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