You Look So Cute


We hadn’t really done much rope in a while.  I really enjoyed this tie that Master recently put me in because it was incredibly tight around my chest.  I couldn’t breathe easily, which was at least half the fun.  I wish he had gotten a picture of it from the front or the back so you could see how pretty it was there, but he just snapped a few shots from far away before he came over to play with me.

“You look so cute like that,” he told me.  It made me smile wide.  Probably there aren’t many guys out there who genuinely find their wives to be cute when they are all tied up like that.  Thank goodness I found this man.   <3  He is the best Master ever. 


He teased me quite a bit with the violet wand and used some really heavy duty nipple clamps on me too.  It was the first time that my tits were bruised the next day from clamps.  Usually, I only bruise the next day on my nipples or areola if he uses the cane or a paddle, so I was a bit surprised.  It was a really intense session and I loved every minute of it.

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