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Don’t mind the incredible shitty web cam image, I didn’t want to haul out the big camera to get a picture of some boxes.  Since finding out a little over a week ago that we were going to have to move, we have begun the packing process.  I mean, we’re not packing anything essential.  That would be a huge waste of time, since we still have over two months to the move.  But we have been taking down all the decorations, packing the bookshelves, decluttering, and so on.  It has been really good, actually.  I mean, there’s a lot of stuff we want to keep, but there’s also a lot of stuff that we don’t need, or don’t want to move, so we’ve been donating or throwing away if we can’t find homes for things by other means. 

We haven’t been in any kind of hurry to get things done, just that we almost always have a box out, and we try to pack a box or two per day, as we have energy.  It’s crazy how many boxes we’ve packed up so far.  Master Pravus says there are about thirty five.  I couldn’t believe it!  And that is mainly figurines and plushies (but not the core crew, Applepig, Biggle Piggle and ZeeBee will go over to the new place with us in the car when we first drive over there), and books!  I can’t believe how many figurines we have, and we have gotten rid of a few.  Master Pravus has absolutely no desire to lose even one, and we both feel pretty strongly that a home with a lot of books is good home.  Still, insane.  We’ve packed winter clothes, we’ve packed a few sex toys (I mean, do we need all nine million dildos we own, or can you not pack up a couple of those to save yourself some hassle later?)

In fact, Master Pravus remarked that probably in another one or two weeks we will be out of things to pack (without waiting until we are much closer to the move in date), and we’ll actually be packing things ahead of schedule.  So long as nothing crazy happens (you know, one of us gets sick or injured, etc).  I’m really proud of us.  Thirty five boxes.  And without any real stress!  It’s so nice being organized and getting things done ahead of schedule. 

It just has me thinking that this move could be our best move so far.  I have been doing the majority of the packing again (now that I have medicine to help me be more vertical), and the only thing Master Pravus has been doing is moving boxes.  He doesn’t want me lifting anything super heavy..  Yet.  It is working out.  We can do this.  Count me as one relived kitty that things are going according to plan!  <3

8 thoughts on “Moving Right Along

  1. One of my moves where we got evicted (not my fault but my roommates), we packed up a three bedroom condo full of stuff, and moved it out in under 48 hours. I was so exhausted after that. At least you can take it at a mostly relaxed pace!

    1. @Zoey OMG. I cannot imagine! You must have had a lot of friends to help though. We used to have parties where we ordered pizza and stuff back before we moved and all our friends would come over and help us pack (of course, we would gladly help them too). Out here in Colorado we have made some friends, but they all seem to be too far away (or just unwilling) to help with moving. Stinks. With Master having a bad back, and with me having POTS and EDS, it’s definitely important for us to start early and go at a relaxed pace. If we got evicted, I seriously think we would just lose all our stuff. 🙁 Sucks.

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