Bootblacking Gone Wrong #2


You know how I’m going to my brother’s wedding in September, and I bought those acid pink Doc Martens to go with my dress?  Well, I had originally decided I wasn’t going to wear them until the wedding so that nothing bad could happen to them.  I did some thinking though, and I decided that the wedding wasn’t the best place to break in new boots.  Makes sense.  Sounds good, in theory.  So, I started wearing them out on short jaunts here and there.  Things were fine.  I was polishing them with clear polish every week or two (I mean, really, where are you going to find pink boot polish?), and I had no problems.

doc martens 1

Things were great, things were fine, I was happier than a clam!  And then, inevitably, there was one day where I sat down to polish and clean my boots, and there was a tiny little mark on them.  I took my saddle soap to it, and I couldn’t get it off.  Master Pravus came over and says “Let me help!”  What was I going to do, say no?  Psssh.  So, he picks up a cloth and some clear polish, and he put some real elbow grease into them.  Oh, boy.  Bad shit went down.

He showed me the boots, and I almost cried.  There was a dark pink dot in the middle of the front toe box.  I had no idea what to do.  I googled.  We emailed Doc Martens asking what to do (no one could even bother to reply to any of the three emails we sent over a period of three weeks!  Thanks a lot, you really stand beside your customer!), and finally, we decided to take them to a local cobbler who had fixed shoes for us in the past.

“How did you even do this?!”  He asked.

Master Pravus explained that he used clear polish to see if he could get a little speck of dirt out.  The cobbler explained that he had no idea if the boots were fixable, but he said he would talk to his uncle (who he referred to as “The Master!”)

I was so impressed with them!  Somehow they fixed our blunder!


He said he had spent over an hour on them, and that he had to special order pink boot polish in order to fix them.  OMGWTFBBQ?!  We were all “HOW ON EARTH DID YOU FIND PINK SHOE POLISH?!”DSCF2463

He handed us a jar for us to buy.  “Apply this once per week,” he told us, in broken English.  We were so excited.  We had done some googling and hadn’t found pink shoe polish.  ”

“That’s why this guy is the shoe Master,” Master Pravus told me.  I smiled.  This guy is so badass.  I am starting to think he can fix anything.  My shoes are about a shade darker now, but I am beyond relieved.  I mean, for one, I did manage to get my shoes fixed (I was terrified I would have to buy new ones for the wedding!), and for two, I have pink shoe polish!  Who knew?  Even when you’re extra careful, I think that mistakes can happen when you’re learning any new hobby.  This is my second real bootblacking (bootpinking?) mistake, but I’ve learned something from each mistake I have made, and neither pair of shoes has really suffered much in the process.

I will say though, that working on black boots is a lot “safer” than other colored shoes.  It’s a lot harder to mess up.  Lesson learned!

4 thoughts on “Bootblacking Gone Wrong #2

  1. hmmm, i think i need to get my Boots out and do some proper care fore them, but my boots are natural leather color from Red Wing Shoes (Hey we were liveing in the town where they were made after all, and my Wolf wanted me to have quality boots when i was driveing Truck.)

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