Smoking Indoors Together

A few nights ago, we had to smoke indoors.  Well, I guess we didn’t have to, but Master Pravus wanted me to wear my gag with the ashtray attached, which isn’t really great to wear out on the porch where there are children around.  We turned on a little fan, to blow the smoke out the window, and of course we opened the window and the curtains so that the smoke would have somewhere to go.  (I’m allergic to smoke, and while I love being Master Pravus’ ashtray, if he starts smoking in the apartment all the time then I’m not going to be able to breathe.)


He put me in the corner of the futon, against the wall.  This way, I was just out of sight of the window, so no one could see in.  He strapped in my huge gag (the one with the attachments), and sat down for a nice, leisurely clove.  I do not know how long I had the gag in, but, because the gag can have things attached to it, it’s sort of heavy (there is a dish hanging onto the end, for crying out loud!) and by the time he took the gag out, my jaw was shaking like a leaf.  Well, I have a bunch of jaw exercises I’m supposed to do.  Maybe this can count as one?

I haven’t been gagged in a while (though I adore being gagged) and this was a nice treat for me.  I liked sitting there, Master Pravus’ music on, and being a good little ashtray for him.  I loved feeling like anyone could see what we were doing, if only I leaned a little bit to the right or left.  I loved being forced to be silent, because there was no other option.  I loved watching Master Pravus blow smoke rings and do reverse inhales.  I loved just being there and spending my evening with Master Pravus in this wonderful way.


When I share pictures, people always remark about how happy and content I look.  I love serving Master Pravus and I think it is one of those things you can see when you watch us play (or look at photos).  We don’t often get a lot of pictures of Master Pravus though because my hands are tied, or we’re playing alone, or just for a multitude of reasons.  I was able to take a few this time, and I think it’s obvious by looking at them that he is just as content and happy and relaxed and joyous as I am.  I mean, yes, it’s wonderful to be your Master’s ashtray.  But, it’s also wonderful when you’ve got a slave who is over the moon about being your ashtray.  Or, so he tells me.  <3  I will just have to trust him.

After he enjoyed his relaxing clove, he laid down on his belly and I rubbed his calves with a massage candle.  They have been hurting him lately, and calves are one of those things that you can use a lot of forearm to massage, so that my fingers are saved a bit.  It was nice.  When the massage timer went off, he if I would like company on my shower.  I said I would love that.  I was just fetching us a couple of towels, when I heard him yell from the other room:

“Hurry up and get in here, I have to pee!”

Gleefully, I knelt down in front of him and he drained a full bladder all over my tits.  (We’re staying away from my face only while my septum heals up.  It’s still not quite healed, and you don’t want to get someone else’s bodily fluids in a non-healed piercing.)  It was a great end to a great night.


5 thoughts on “Smoking Indoors Together

  1. You’re a trooper! The gag looks heavy! i really enjoy being gagged. i like the idea of being forced to be quiet. Of course i also love how much Master loves me in gags too! It’s one of His favorite things!

    Sometimes when i’m walking past the bathroom, Master will say “Oh you’re just in time, i have to pee!”. Then i go in and kneel and wait to clean Him! =)

    Sounds like you had a terrific Sunday night! <3

    1. @Treasure Oh geeze. >.< I can't believe I didn't reply to this by now! Bad kitteh!That is very hot about how your Master will have you clean him up after he pees. 🙂 My Master has never done that, *but* I sure do enjoy drinking his piss when he gives me the privilege. <3

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