Master Pravus’ Remote Day


Well, don’t mind the slight mess in the picture above.  Master Pravus and me are moving, remember?  So, things are in a bit of chaos right now, but we’re doing well overall.  A friend of mine pointed out the other day that I hadn’t updated my blog in a few days.  This has been a very busy week for us both, and with the “blog every single day” rule being lifted until we get done with the move, I guess I sort of spaced on it.  🙁  I lose one Good Noodle star.

We have been having a lot of good times even though we have been quite busy.  A few days ago we had a really awesome day, because Master Pravus got to work from home!  I love when he can work remotely.  Every time he gets the on-call phone he gets to have one work from home day, which is nice.  Even though he’s usually busy it’s just nice to be together.

The night before, I didn’t sleep well, so I was sort of going back and forth between zombie mode and overtired mode.  At one point, Master Pravus told me it was almost nap time.

“I don’t have a nap time.”

“Yes you do, it’s 1-2PM.” He told me.

I have never had a nap time, and I said that I wish he could work from home every day, and I could have a nap every day.  Naps sound a lot more fun now than they did when I was a kid.  He put me down for a nap, and he gave me a princess sippy cup of water “In case you get thirsty.”  I laid down with ZeeBee (Apple Pig was busy working), and it was nice.  I didn’t manage to fall asleep, but I did get to relax which was nice.  When I was “awoken” from my nap, I had been almost asleep, and I felt worse suddenly because I had not gotten any sleep and the night before I didn’t get any either.  I stumbled back into the front room and set to work on Mewtique ears, again.

Master Pravus gets done working at 3:30 PM, and when he was done we sat there and tried to figure out what we should have for dinner.  We concluded that it was too hot to cook because it was 78* in the house and slowly rising, and we decided to go into town to see Monster’s University!

I wasn’t wearing anything I could really go out in (I was wearing some pajama shorts and a tank top.  It was HOT!) so I went to my closet and found a slip dress, a cute bracelet, and put on my shiny red leopard shoes!  One thing I hadn’t thought about was that, the day before, Master Pravus had done some blood cupping on my back and I had a bunch of bruised dots showing.  I didn’t even think about it at all until we were halfway out the door and I saw myself in the mirror!  Whoops!  But, cupping is pretty well accepted in public, so I knew it wouldn’t be a huge deal.  Still, I hadn’t shown bruises in public in a while (most of my bruises lately have been under my usual clothes), and it felt a little weird.  Not a bad weird though, I like being pushed out of my comfort zone a bit.


(This is a picture from the next day.  It’s a different dress, but you can see what my back roughly looked like.)

I had been wanting to see it but had not been feeling very well so we couldn’t go out.  We picked up our tickets and then went next door to get some dinner.  There was a Whole Foods and Master Pravus got pizza and he got me a caprese salad.  It was nice.  <3  We went to the movie, and it was so good!  We both loved it.  We had both heard a lot of bad things about it, but we were entertained the whole time and didn’t feel like the movie was slow or boring.  We both love Monster’s Inc. so this was a real treat for us.

We got home around 9PM, so, still with plenty of time to get into bed on a work night.  <3  The absolute best part about the day?  It was the first day in the last month or so (since my POTS went all haywire) that we managed to go out on our own schedule, not having to work around the POTS.  I didn’t get the least bit lightheaded until right before the movie, when I went to the bathroom.  I just suddenly started to see my vision go a little fuzzy.  Master Pravus bought me some water and a small popcorn to try to get my salt and my water up in the hopes it would help, and we set a signal in case things got really bad and I thought I would need to leave.  I didn’t!  I was so proud.  Yes, I wound up getting a bit lightheaded, but nothing bad enough for us to leave!  Thank you, body!

This coming weekend Master Pravus has a long weekend!  We are excited to spend it together.  He has Monday off, and he also has next Friday off as Master Gaspar and his lovely slave Treasure will be here.  So, three day work week next week PLUS seeing two awesome kinksters?  Yeah.  Things are going just fine over here.  <3

6 thoughts on “Master Pravus’ Remote Day

  1. YAY on your POTS not being stupid!

    You should see Despicable Me 2, I’ve seen it like 4 times now. Have yet to see Monsters University though.

    You have a weekend off to relax, I’m doing homework. Oh well.

    1. Thanks @Zoey! <3 I was thrilled that my POTS behaved well. We do want to see Despicable Me 2, we liked the first one a lot. =^^= Here is hoping we find time before it leaves the theater.

      No, our weekend isn't really "relaxation" only. We are having guests next week, and there are boxes everywhere! We're organizing and making the place a bit more suitable for guests. I do hope you have a good weekend anyway though. <3

    1. @Treasure =^^= Thanks. I love cupping bruises too, especially because they are so cool looking. I mean, it isn’t in our general impact play that we wind up with bruises in perfect circles like that.

      YAY! I cannot wait for you guys to go on your trip. How fun is this going to be?! 😀

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