Love is giving up the last bite of my ice cream cone, so you can have the squishy, tasty, melty bit

Love is laying across your lap for a hand spanking

Love is lining your French fries up just the way you like them – in order from longest to shortest

Love is making sure you always have enough covers, even if I’m cold

Love is doing small, menial tasks with the only reward being the knowledge that you’re just a little happier

Love is a collar on my neck, and an o-ring on your finger

Love is a foot to bury my face in

Or a back to rub

Love is the thickness of your cock stretching my

Mind and body and opening the darkest corners of my

Heart for you

Love is your sparkling eyes before you beat me

Love is big hands swallowing smaller ones

Love is living our dreams together

Love is snuggling in bed for hours

Love is a puff of smoke in my face

Love is a trickle of blood from your scalpel

Carved lovingly with trusty hands

Love is opening the door for you

Love is knowing that my desires and your desires are one and the same

Love is the sunrise of my heart into the cozy sunset of yours

Love is, simply, you.

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