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A lot of people have been asking me if I am going to blog about this past weekend with Treasure and her Master Gaspar.  Of course I will!  But, because I am just built that way, I don’t like to go ahead and make blogs until I have all the pictures.  So, if you’re waiting for me to write my blog post – you can go over to Treasure’s blog and beg her Master to send pics.  Me?  I’m in no rush.  =^.~=  In the meantime, here’s a teaser picture of me on the way up Mt. Evans.  I know I look a little angry here, but it was brighter than it looks and so of course I was squintin’.  Still, gorgeous scenery, yes?

Of course, the morning Treasure and Gaspar left I was a little bummed.  I mean, it always sucks when good things must come to an end.  Still, it was really great and mostly, I was feeling pretty good.  I wasn’t stressed or worried about the upcoming move or anything.  As I’m sitting there, and things are going well, I get a call.  Caller ID says it’s Mom.  OK.  I pick up.


Not to be deterred from my relaxed state, I calmly told her that there wasn’t a single call on the caller ID from her, that there were no messages from her, and that we had received both messages and calls from Master’s Mom and other people all weekend, and that she needs to calm down.


My bliss crushed by her lack of tact, I gave in to the screaming.  I do wish she had actually called me, because I would have gladly returned her call.  ::Sigh::  The phone call thing was another issue I would continue trying to tackle another day.  (She somehow insists that I never get her calls, yet, Master and me have no issue receiving calls from anyone else.  It’s really, really frustrating.  We are both sure she is just plain not calling.)  Anyway, unfortunately, Dad is in the hospital right now.

We don’t know exactly what’s wrong.  He has lost a lot of blood somehow, and has had several transfusions.  He’s had a lot of tests and they found some nodes in his esophagus.  They are keeping him in the hospital until they get the results of the biopsy of the nodes in case they are cancerous, because I guess they will have to do surgery right away if they are.  The results weren’t in as I am typing this (yesterday), but they should be in tomorrow (today).  I have my fingers crossed and I am really hoping that he is okay and doesn’t have cancer.

While going back home for the wedding is making me a little nervous still (I don’t wanna…), I am glad we are going, because I do want to see Dad, regardless of outcome.  (Though, as I mentioned, non-cancerous is still what we’re hoping for, obviously).

6 thoughts on “Dad, Weddings, and Other Fun Stuff

  1. Aww I am sorry to hear about your Dad! My Dad has been fighting cancer for the last 2 years. He is still fighting strong! Don’t worry, I am sure no matter what that your Dad will be okay! *hugs* On another note; those red shoes are totally awesome! Also you do look super adorable and cute in those stockings with the shoes!

    1. @MomoNoHanna Oh no! I’m sorry to hear about your Dad. 🙁 That is awful. He does sound like a real fighter though and I am glad he is still going strong. ::hugs:: I have everything it is possible to cross crossed that Dad doesn’t have cancer. Really hope his biopsy comes back OK.

  2. Ya know what is so upsetting about those phone calls…. i mean other than the terrible news…? Is the delivery of the news! It’s like she’s blaming you for not being available to her 24 hours a day because you should have *known* she was trying to get a hold of you!!! Not like getting that news about your Dad would have been easy to accept one way or another but hearing it in a little softer manner, makes all the difference. i am sorry for the bad news kitty and i’m really sorry how you had to hear it! i guess she just had to blow off steam at someone and you were the easy target! =(

    ::HUGE HUGS:: Please let us know what you hear about your Dad!

    i can’t wait to see the pics once Master tosses them on my computer too! =)

    1. @Treasure Bingo! That right there is the worst part (to me). I really dislike acusations against me, especially if I feel innocent of the crime. Still, you would think that bad events should bring the family closer, not push it apart. :/ Ah well. Fingers crossed I get good news sometime today.


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