Yay!  Just got word from Mom, and Dad is going to be OK.  The nodes in his esophagus are “highly precancerous”, meaning they will likely turn to cancer.  He also has a big ulcer in his stomach which lead to the blood loss.  They are hoping to release him today if nothing bad happens overnight, though he will probably need to have the nodes removed surgically.  I’m glad that he doesn’t have cancer (for now), and I’m hoping that they get the nodes out before they become malignant.

But, for now, at least we can all breathe a sigh of relief.  Dad is okay, he’s going home, and they gave him medicine for his ulcer.  Yay!  =^^=

EDITED TO ADD:  I just heard from Mom again, and I guess it is worse than they thought, and they may need to remove his esophagus.  I did not even realize you could remove someone’s esophagus.  🙁  They are doing another procedure to look more closely at the nodes and his stomach, and hopefully determine what they are going to do.  I guess you can burn the nodes off, but they grow right back. 🙁  Poor Dad.

6 thoughts on “Relieved!

  1. Aw, honey, I’m so sorry your Dad is so sick. Oncology isn’t my specialty so I don’t know a lot about his condition, but I hope his recovery is quick.

    HUGS, sweetie. BIG HUGS!

    1. Thanks @P’Gell. I guess they are going to do a couple more tests before they decide for sure whether or not to take out his esophagus. Here is hoping they won’t have to and he can recover swiftly. ::Hugs::

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