Yes, all caps were actually necessary here.  I have been talking with Master Gaspar for a couple of years now.  Master Gaspar and his Treasure both have a very similar dynamic to Master Pravus and me (complete with silly songs and talking plushies).  As it turns out, Master Gaspar’s favoritest place in the entire world (ok, maybe favorite restaurant) is Casa Bonita, so he said that they wanted to come visit us in person eventually.  It took a bit, but eventually they sent us an email to let us know that, guess what?  They were coming to visit! 

Master Pravus and me were over the moon with excitement while we waited.  We chatted many times, emailed even more, and eventually – the day came when they were on their way!  Most of Master Pravus’s holiday time is planned out for the rest of this year, so he didn’t take the day they were coming out off.  (We didn’t expect them to get here until 8PM or so anyway).  Instead, we sat by our computers sending tweets and wishing their car would hurry up.  (But, for reals, I mean, they were travelling pretty speedily!)


I Tumbl’d the pics, because I couldn’t wait to share them, but you have to see this paddle Master Gaspar made us!  For one, it is solid wood, reasonably light (for wood), has holes in it, and packs a sting like crazy.  I have a couple other heavy-duty wooden paddles which I absolutely adore, though they do not have holes and have a bit more of a “whomp”.  The bestest part about this paddle, is the lightness will mean Master Pravus’s arm won’t get as tired out as soon as it would with the other ones.  Plus?  Kittens, paws, and milk!  PLUS!


See?  Lookit the other side!  It has paws, but also Master Pravus’s name on there.  We have never owned anything this personalized.  It is beautiful and I am pretty much in love with it.  <3  Thank you Master Gaspar!  It is beautiful!

Treasure and Gaspar made it to our place (with no help from me.  Good thing Master Pravus walked right in the door as I was trying to give them directions and had no clue what I was doing).  Master Pravus had bought us all shakes, and we had bought dinner from our favorite Italian place a little earlier in the night.  Master Pravus and me already eaten (we are early eaters), and we sat there and just chatted while they ate.  I think we all went to bed around midnight.  We were tired, and they had a huge freaking drive to get out to us, so they were tired too.


The next day we had to get up a bit on the early side (around 10AM) because one of the things Master Gaspar and Treasure wanted to do was to go to the Zoo.  The Zoo is a big place, and it was gonna take time to get through.  We ate at Waffle House, and then we drove down to the Zoo.  On the way there, we got a bit too playful, and were forced to sit with our hands behind our backs.  =^^=  We were in a bit of a rush to get there, because we wanted to make sure we saw the last elephant show of the day.  We made it in time, and got front row seats, even!


The elephants are my favorite part of the entire Zoo, but the show is just so cool!  You get to see an elephant super close up!  Once we finished with the elephants, we went along the Zoo in no real hurry.  It was balls hot outside!  95* does not make for the best Zoo day, but we had temps of 90*+ all weekend, so it wasn’t that big of a difference going other days.  (Oh, by the way, yeah – the second Master Gaspar and Treasure left, our weather dropped down to 60s and low 70s.  Figures, huh?  Oh well.  Here’s a picture of Treasure, if she was an elephant!


And here’s a picture of Treasure and her Master doing filthy things in the park!


I just think Master Gaspar looks so cute here.  Masters like being described as “cute,” I think, right?


“Quick, everyone grab someone else’s tits!”  I love how we’re all smiling here.  <3


After the Zoo, we went to Casa Bonita, because they are so close to each other.  The line wasn’t too long that day, which was nice, and we got to see cliff divers, Chiquita, and pirates!  We went through Black Bart’s Cave, and I almost shit myself it was so scary.  >.<  Then Master Gaspar had a caricature done of Treasure and me.  The guy who was doing it didn’t seem to like any of the ideas we were coming up with.  Treasure and me were trying to think of something scantily clad, and eventually we all settled on mermaids.  =^^=  I really love how the picture came out.  I have never had a caricature done, and I admit I was a little nervous that I was going to look horrible.  Nope!  I mean, they got my huge forehead in there, and my “shifty eyes”.  Ha ha.  And I love how we both have matching septums.


After Casa Bonita we went home, and I don’t think we were home until after 10PM or so, it was late.  I can’t remember if we played Words Against Humanity that night or not, but OMG YOU GUYS!  I need this game.  It was the funniest thing I have ever ever done, and we all couldn’t stop laughing.  I thought that a couple of time I was going to vomit I was laughing so hard.

Saturday we woke up and as we were getting ready to go to Ihop, I noticed that there was a small “almost” tear in my ‘nets.  I wasn’t sure what to do, but Treasure showed me how to put a shitfuckle (actual unit of measurement) of clear nail polish on the almost-run to make sure it didn’t run.  I don’t have many stockings at the moment, and since I knew that you wouldn’t be able to see, I opted to wear these just for that day and then toss it at the end of the day.  Treasure is pretty awesome, you guys, because the almost tear didn’t get any worse at all!


After we were done parading around in our girdles for the men to fap to, we got in the car to go to Ihop.


At the restaurant, I think we were reasonably well behaved.  Of course – that is..  I mean..  BALOON SWORDS!  Things got a bit riled up in the restaurant, but our masters made us stop playing and we had to wait until we were outside to continue our sword fight.  Also there was a balloon penguin and a balloon lion!


Balloons aside, and with full tummies, we decided to drive up Mt. Evans.  The best part about Mt. Evans is that it is almost always colder there than down in the valley where we live.  After a pretty intense freaking hot day at the Zoo, going up a cold mountain sounded pretty freaking sweet.


Master Pravus took pictures of me being silly and doing my “how to scare away a coyote” roar.  =^^=  A big storm was coming in, but it was absolutely beautiful up there.


You couldn’t go to the tippity top of the mountain because it was closed up there due to the season ending.  We did get to go up to Echo Lake, but I admit I was getting really ill from my POTS at that point, so I sat in the car, took some salt tablets, and tried to guzzle water hoping I could perk up.  Everyone else got out and looked around though.  =^^=


Beautiful, right?  =^^=

We got down off the mountain, and went to Georgetown for dinner.  Of course, I was really, really starting to feel crappy, so after that we went back home instead of puttering around.  >.<  Grr!  I was just annoyed because I didn’t wanna be the breaker of the fun.  We went back to the apartment and stayed up a while chatting and playing a game I don’t remember the name of because I fail.  The funny part though, was that the game had a bunch of questions you ask each other to get to know each other – we all almost always got the answers right.  It is just crazy how well we all seemed to know each other, and this was our first meeting!  =^^=  Bad ass.


The next day I got up as early as I could, and I make Master Gaspar and Treasure my famous “slow-cooked bacon”.  I think it took something like four hours.  I was really feeling shitty that day, but Master Gaspar and Treasure had never been to an Ikea and Master Pravus wanted to show them one.  Thankfully Ikea had wheelchairs, so I didn’t have to do a heck of a lot.


Thankfully, Ikea also has twine, so we got to play with twine while we waited for Master Pravus to..  Actually, I don’t think I remember what he was doing.  STRING!  <3  Here’s a shot of us going up stairs from behind.  He he.  Hot.  As a side note: Treasure is the hottest ever and she wore pretty high heels for almost all of the trip.  I mean, at the Zoo, no.  But, she still wore heels.  She even wore heels on some of the mountain hike!  That is pretty bad-ass!  🙂


Master Pravus and me joked about how quickly we managed to get through Ikea.  I mean, it’s not like we were in a rush, but usually when we go there, I try to sit in every chair or jump on every bed.  Smile  With Master Pravus’ blessing, of course.  The wheelchair meant that I was just sitting.  It was a bad POTS day anyway, but at least we know how to get in and out.

Master Gaspar wanted to go to CiCi’s because we told them it was tasty there (I think they had been to one once before), so we went there, and I gorged myself to the gills on garlic knots.  Heh.  THEN, I got to use the quarter stash I had been hording.  I got two bouncy balls, some putty, a deek (ask Treasure or her Master what a deek is) and a tiny bunny.

“ALL this for only nineteen quarters!”  I declared proudly.  I know, I know.  I am completely ridiculous.

That was our last stop and we went home where we played Cards Against Humanity for the rest of the night.  We forgot to play Candy Land!!  Well, we’ll have to do that on our next visit.

The next day was sad for all.  Sad smile  Master Pravus woke me up at 6AM so that I could see our guests out, he had to leave super duper early to get to work.  Sad times.


We played with Treasure’s balloon sword and then they had to go.  Sad smile  But, they had a super duper long drive ahead of them, and I don’t think they got home until well after 1AM!  Poor bastards!  That is a long drive.  When will we meet again?  I don’t know, but the next time it will surely be in Iowa, where they are from.  As soon as we’re ready for a trip back in time ten years we will be right there!  Bwa ha ha!

Thank you both so much for coming!  Master Pravus and me had a blast and we can’t wait to do it again!  =^^=


  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. I’m sorry your POTS was acting up. You are a trooper, Kitty.

    I’m glad you got to meet your friends and have so much fun.


  2. i just realized i never posted here, even though i’ve read this blog post over and over i never commented! One of my favorite pics is us in our girdles just doing girlie maintenance. i can’t tell you how many bottles of clear nail polish i have scattered all over the house! i even have one in the car for stocking emergencies when we’re out and about.

    Even though we did so much when we were there, i think some of my favorite times were just the time times we sat and chatted. i loved getting to know you better! ::hugs:: i also think that the kids had a great time, i know Kerpy and the gang had a good time. Just last night Kevin was sad saying He missed your Master in a big way!

    1. @Master Dream’s Precious Treasure Yeah, the girdle shot is one of my favorite shots too! I love candid shots, and this one was just too fun to exclude. 🙂

      I also really enjoyed just hanging out and chatting. 🙂 It was awesome. ::Big hugs:: Tell Kevin that Master and me were talking about him just last night! Apple Pig has even been behaving to stay in the Cowboy club!

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