Five Years


It’s hard for me to believe that Master Pravus and me have been married for five years.  FIVE years!  I’m so blessed to be with this handsome, kind, caring, wonderful man.  When Treasure and her Master were here, they shot this picture of Master and me on Mt. Evans.  I really think it symbolizes a lot for us. At the time, I was just hoping to get a picture of us to send back home, because it’s kind of rare for us to take pictures with clothes on.  Call it a curse.  (I think it’s a blessing.)

In the picture, a major storm was rolling in.  You could see thunder and lightning and rain making their way to our pretty little place atop the mountain turn into a cold blustery mess.  We have been through a lot together these past ten years (five of them married).  No matter how bad things get, they are always just a little hiccup in our happy paradise.  Master is one of those people who sees the best in everything.  He has this way of looking on the bright side no matter what.  I love that so much about him.  He is the calm shelter that keeps us safe from any storm.  He keeps the smiles on my face.  No matter what storm rolls in, I feel like our lives are as pictured:

Two people in love, happy, content.  No matter what the world throws at us, we always find a way to scale the mountain until the storm passes.

I love you, Master.  Thank you for another wonderful amazing year together.

15 thoughts on “Five Years

  1. Happy anniversary. How great for you two! Every minute of a good relationship is fun to think about, but there’s something great about mile stones. If you want to tell M I said Happy Anniversary, that would be cool.

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