Percy’s Wedding Part 1

We made it!  We’re here!  I have been up for fifteen hours, and it has been a lot of running around, but I made it.  We got up at 4:30AM, and we got out of the house a bit later than we wanted, but things went reasonably smoothly.  We stopped off at the local gas station to get me an herbal tea, Master Pravus a breakfast burrito, and to fill the car up, and then we headed to where we were going to park the car for the weekend.

Funny thing was, once we got to the car parking place (which happened to be a hotel) Master Pravus told me to wait in the car while he went in to find out where we needed to go.  I really wasn’t physically capable of lugging things around to various places.  While he was gone, I decided that I should elevate my legs, because I knew there would not be the chance on the plane.  I was wearing two layers of compression stockings, as well as a pair of fishnet stockings on top of that.  I didn’t think anything of it, and I just put my legs up on the dashboard while I was waiting.  That’s when I noticed the man who was working on his motorcycle in the space right next to the one I was left in..  And he had stopped working on his motorcycle to stare at my legs.  Yeah.  Embarrassed, I took my legs down off of the dash.  I wasn’t actually trying to attract his attention, just to elevate my legs for a while.  Oops.  =^.~=

Master Pravus got me, and we boarded the shuttle (it was just us and one other woman, I love a nice, empty shuttle).  We got to the airport, and they were very good about the wheelchair that we had booked.  We were assigned an attendant who put me in (the most comfortable so far) wheelchair and we were even able to get to the front of all the security lines with ease.  I got through security, and the TSA lady who was on the other side of the backscatter xray was really nice – but I don’t know, it was just weird.  I had to wear a compression shirt and some garters (they were clip on garters), and it turned out they showed up on the backscatter.  (Of course they did!  They are metal for crying out loud!)  I, feeling unabashed, lifted up the bottom of my dress to show my garters, and the woman panicked a little:

“Oh, no!  You don’t have to do that!”  She fixed my skirt and explained that she was just going to have to pat me down, and since she had to pat down the back of my thighs, she also had to swab my hands to be sure I had no chemicals on them.  It was so bizarre.  Um..  I mean, I just showed you that I was wearing garters?  But, she was very nice, and I’m not complaining, I was just a little..  Surprised.

Master Pravus wasn’t wearing a single stitch of metal, and somehow the machine picked metal up in his sock and on his left hip.  They gave him a thorough pat down, and checked his sock thoroughly.  THOROUGHLY.  You will all be happy to know there were no explosives in his sock.

There were some problems with seating us, because, even though we booked seats together, there was a fire in the fuel depot at Logan airport the day before, and a few of the flights got cancelled from the day before.  Because of that, we got switched to seats that were nowhere near each other, and it took some finagling once we got on board to be able to sit together.  I was just relieved that someone was willing to switch with us.  I was wearing compression garments, I took my salt tablets, I ate, and I was drinking water, but I still did not know how I would react to flying, and I didn’t want to be seated far away from Master Pravus and then faint or something.  Master Pravus didn’t want that either. 

Luckily, the flight was uneventful, as far as my health went (YAY)!  We were annoyed that the flight was delayed forty-five minutes once we got on the plane though, and for whatever reason they kept forcing us to stay in our seats due to “turbulence”, when there was no turbulence at all!  There were a few brief periods where it was turbulent, but they didn’t last more than a minute or two, and we were forced to stay in our seats for over two of our three hour and forty-five minute flight, despite a relatively smooth ride.  It was obnoxious.

I was really excited when we landed, and even more happy because they had a wheelchair waiting for me in Boston.  We joked about how in Boston once we got into the airport, all we could smell was “Dirt, pizza, and humidity.”  “We must be home!”  Ha ha ha.  It was cool.  We had to take a shuttle bus to the area where we were picking up our rental car, and the people on the shuttle bus were beyond rude.  I had arrived in a wheelchair, was stumbling a bit walking, and no one seemed to want to give up a seat for me.  -.-  We both thought I would be doomed to standing (which would have definitely resulted in fainting,) but luckily, a nice woman moved over to make some room for me at the last possible second.  THANK YOU, KIND SOUL!  And phooey to the other people on the bus who did not want to help me out.

We got the car, and about an hour later (after we “fought” through some gnarly Boston traffic, and also made a quick stop for munchkins for MIL, and donuts for Mom) we made it to MIL’s house.  It was actually really, really lovely.  I don’t know how to explain how nice it was walking into her house.  The only way I can think to describe it is “Home is where they love you.”  Walking into her house felt really nice, she was warm, welcoming, and you could tell from just being in the room with her that she missed us so much. 

We went out onto her newly built deck, (which is lovely by the way), and we watched the chipmunks and the birds, and played with her dogs and just relaxed.  She went to a lot of trouble to make dinner special for us.  She made meatloaf for Master Pravus, salad for me, had special olives and pickles, almond milk, brown rice and beans, broccoli, sweet potatoes!  OMG!  Talk about a feast.  =^^=  After we were done eating, we hung out for a little while longer and helped her fix her digital picture frame.  She gave us the key to the house (so we can drop by whenever we want), and we put the wheelchair she borrowed for us in our car, and then we left.

The ride to my Mom’s house was long.  We were driving pretty late at night, but Boston traffic is just..  Special.  >.<  Still, we made it to my parent’s house and Mom was thrilled to see us!  She gave me the longest hug I think anyone has ever given me, and she told me she bought me cream puffs.  Hee hee.  Oh, Mom.  You sure do know my weakness.  =^.~=  We chatted, and we gave her a few little presents: a pink nail file from Las Vegas, a digital picture frame, and a new cartridge of Tetris 2, since her disc was having problems (or so we thought, turns out it was the console.  Bummer.)  Mom was excited to see the dress I bought for the wedding, and we showed each other our outfits, shoes, etc.  She seems to really like my pink boots!  LOL!  We probably visited with them for about an hour, but my POTS was starting to bother me, so I went upstairs to bed early.  I mean, technically it’s almost 10PM here, but we’re also two hours ahead of my usual time zone.  Not as though that is enough to be “jet lagged,” but has just been a very long and physically demanding day for me.

So, I just popped up to write this nice long 1300+ word blog post, and I’m going to head to bed in about two seconds.  I already have my wrist cuffs on and ready to go.  Looking forward to seeing what tomorrow brings.


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