Percy’s Wedding Part 2

Last night I slept for about ten hours.  TEN HOURS!  I do so love the mattress my Mom keeps in the “guest” bedroom, but I admit, Master Pravus hates it.  🙁  There’s not a lot we can do about that though because there is only one guest mattress so we make the best of it, and if I am honest, then yeah, I slept like a baby.  Mom had gone out of her way to put a nice big fan up in the guest room for us, since the air conditioning in the upstairs has been broken for a while, and she can’t afford to fix it.  No biggie.

We woke up kind of early to meet a friend in town for lunch.  We knew we would need at least an hour in order to get into Boston, park, haul the wheelchair out, and get to where we needed to be.  We got up, got me a tea from a local coffee shop, and headed out on the road.  We got where we were going just at noon.  We hauled the wheelchair out.  We hauled butt to the building we thought we needed to be at, me spilling tea all over myself because the sidewalks in Boston may be beautiful, but they are far from smooth (boo on you, bricks)! 

We waited.  And waited.  We had reception at our friend’s work check to see where the person we were hunting down was, and unfortunately, we were at the wrong building.  By the time we were able to figure out where each other was, we were unable to meet or have lunch.  Master Pravus said that he didn’t want to run up and say hello because our friend was on the third floor of her building, and he did not want to make me have to wait outside.  He didn’t tell me that until we were in the car though, because I would have happily waited outside so that at least one of us could say hi!

We were both very bummed that we missed our friend (in the only time we had available to hang out with anyone besides family, too).  🙁  We headed back to my Mom’s house but (as usual) I had to stop to use a bathroom before we were halfway home.  We stopped in a coffee shop to use the facilities, and Master Pravus noticed an Ihop nearby.  We ducked in there to get a bit of lunch as we were both starving.

After Ihop, we went home.  Mom was yelling at Dad to get into his clothes.  We were all dressed and ready to go to the rehearsal dinner (I had just worn what I planned to wear to the dinner before I left the house that morning.  I am too old for thousands of costume changes.  (OK, maybe not too old, but once my POTS calms down a bit it’ll be less of an issue.)

Before we had come out on the plane, we explained to Mom that I needed to sit in the front seat so that I could elevate my legs when necessary.  She agreed that was a good idea and didn’t say anything at all for days.  Then, as we’re about to get into the car, Mom tells me she doesn’t think Dad will understand that he needs to sit in the back, no matter how well we explain it.  I say:

“Well, if he doesn’t get it, I guess that’s fine.  I’ll just have to sit in the back.”

“Well, actually,” she goes on “If you’re going to sit in the back anyway, I’ll just sit in the front.”


I was willing to suffer a little if Dad absolutely couldn’t sit in the back, (due to not understanding because of his Aphasia), but why she had to try to manipulate me to sit in the front bothered both Master Pravus and me.  I need to elevate my legs when I am lightheaded.  She does not need to sit in the front for any reason other than it is more comfortable than the back.  It really bothered us.  Still, I didn’t want to argue with her, because I think she knew it was a dick move, anyway.  We went outside to pile into the car and go to the rehearsal dinner.

The rental car was the one we were originally going to take, but in order to put the wheelchair in the car, you had to bend the seat down, and then no one could sit in the back.  We needed to fit three people in the back, plus two in the front.  Obviously, we were going to have to take my Mom’s car. 

We got into the car and one of the seatbelts was missing.  Mom got really angry and asked why my sister and me couldn’t just put the seatbelt over both of us.  (Um.  Because we are not three years old anymore, and two grown adult’s bodies don’t belt together very well.  Not to mention that even if the belt did buckle us in, that isn’t very safe at all.)

Mom was pissed as HELL that we could not drive her.  Because of my POTS it was a bad idea for me to drive, and Dad is not allowed to drive anymore because he zones out and gets lost.  🙁  There was no choice.  If I had to have the wheelchair (and I did) then we would need to take two cars.  The entire ride there Mom was very very angry.  You could tell from looking in the rear-view mirror.  There wasn’t anything we could do about it though.  She drove with my sister, and Dad drove with me and Dad.

Little side note though.  Dad has Aphasia, and that means he has trouble communicating.  Mom is always talking about how he has no feelings, and I am trying to prove to her all the time that he does have feelings, he just is unable to express them.  While we were driving, Master Pravus would ask me “Where’s your Mom?”  And he would have me make sure she was right behind us, or else he would pull over.  Every time he asked the question, Dad whipped around to look for her, and point to her car:

“See see see?”

“Is Mom back there?”

“Yes.” he would mumble, nodding his head.  It was incredibly cute how he would keep looking around for her, and it was obvious to me and Master Pravus that he did have feelings, and that he really loved and missed her.

We did arrive safe and sound at the wedding venue, and we agreed to drive Mom home with us after the dinner and that we would leave her car with the wheelchair overnight at the venue.  No big deal.  Thankfully, the wedding venue did have a wheelchair ramp to get into the main building.  We went inside, and about two minutes after we got there..  Percy arrived!  Gawd!  Mom always has to be so early.  🙁  It was kind of embarrassing being there before the bride and groom!

It was nice to see Percy, though every time he looked at my wheelchair, he rolled his eyes.  How kind and understanding he is.  (I feel like he should just be happy I was there, because with no wheelchair the other option was just to not go.  /Snark.  Master Pravus whispered to me:

“Don’t worry, Kitty.  I think he just has a problem with his eyes.”  Ha ha ha.  At least Master Pravus has a sense of humor!

We chatted in the restaurant with some of the family members on the bride’s side, and I got to meet the mother of the bride, who was very sweet and funny, and always making jokes.  She was awesome.  The father of the bride was much quieter, but also very nice.  I already knew the bride’s sisters, and I knew Percy’s friends (who are all very sweet people).  We made small talk and sipped on drinks.  It was mostly pleasant.

Then we had to go watch the rehearsal itself and unfortunately, it did not have any sort of paving to get to the place outdoors where they have the ceremony itself.  🙁  Master Pravus had to roll me on uneven grass the entire way there.  It was kind of frustrating.  Still, watching the rehearsal was nice.  It was quick, and I have to say, Percy’s bride-to-be looked beyond thrilled!  She even had to make the effort not to cry at one point, because she was so happy.  Percy?  Everyone remarked about how he could not look any more miserable.  Truth?  He has been mentioning for months that this wedding is not for him, but for her, so I could understand his apprehension.  He really isn’t the sort to want to be the center of attention.

After the rehearsal, we went to the dinner.  It was in the same venue, and the restaurant itself was really nice.  Master Pravus had chicken parmigiana, though when we were alone later he couldn’t stop going on about how his is so much better.  Well, of course it is!  Home cooking is the best!  =^^=  I had some kind of vegetable dish that was smothered in tomato sauce.  It was pretty good.  They even managed to come up with a vegan dessert, which wound up being grapes and strawberries.  Nice.

The dinner itself was kind of awkward.  Percy was sitting right across from me, and we’re really not close.  It was hard to come up with things to talk about, but Master Pravus and me managed to come up with some topics.  To be honest, we spent the majority of the night chatting away with Percy’s groomsmen.  I always got along better with his friends than with him.  (They are friendlier, truth be told.)

We finished eating and chatting, and we were fine with staying, but Mom kept asking when we wanted to leave.  She wasn’t having any fun and it was obvious.  Fine.  We would have more time to mingle the next day anyway, so we said our goodbyes and went home.  I’m off to bed.  Tomorrow will be long, I am guessing.

Is it Monday, yet?


12 thoughts on “Percy’s Wedding Part 2

  1. yah, people who dont live with wheelchairs as a part of their life, dont understand the needs. i understand, as i have one roommate NAME who depands ALOT on his chair, and the nine tail who has a power chair, but doesnt depend on haveing it all the time.

    1. @Fyremane Well, I didn’t start getting really sick until shortly after moving, so my brother has only seen me reasonably healthy, never like this, so I don’t think he understands. I am hoping as time goes on I will need the chair less and less, though I know I will always go through tough periods when I need it.

  2. It sounds like you got all of the understanding, grace, and compassion in your family. 🙂 People don’t mean to be hurtful about differences. Not the wheelchair, POTS, or your Dad’s needs. i think you are perfectly lovely and i miss the old vlogs. 🙂

    1. @jadescastle Thanks. I know you’re right. I guess it is hard for me to watch the way people treat my Dad though because I spent some time as a PCA (person who takes care of the elderly) and it just makes my blood boil. Still, I know they are not trying to be mean, they just don’t know what to do.

      1. i know people think of Hospice for only end-of-life services but they do more than that. It might help if your Mom could get away for a bit, even to shop or run errands. It may help her if she sees someone else communicating with him in a better way. They might teach her some better skills or give her a chance to learn. If they qualify, it is free for them. It takes special people to be a PCA and i’m glad they had you. 🙂

        1. @Jadescastle That is a great idea, and one me, Master, and Master’s Mom have all been trying to convince my Mom of. I’m pretty sure they qualify, but she’s so stubborn she doesn’t even want to look into it. 🙁 Moms. >.<

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