Percy’s Wedding, Part: The Last

I didn’t blog on that last day we were in Boston.  I meant to, but by the time we got back to Sarumom’s house, we were tired.  So tired.  We had less than eight hours between us and when we needed to be awake to go on the plane, so we opted to skip it.  We were due to meet Master Pravus’s mom at her house around 11:30AM for brunch, and we were late, because of car issues.  We eventually got there, and we realized we forgot to buy bagels (she had asked us to).  Of course, we just turned around before parking and picked them up.  There’s a Dunkin’ Donuts right near her house anyway.

This is actually the only part of the entire weekend which gave me butterflies in my tummy before we arrived.  Brunch wasn’t just us and Sarumom.  We were due to see Master’s brother, and his wife.  I mean, they are OK people, just his brother has never gone an entire meeting without ripping on me for whatever reason.  I get it, I’m not good enough to be your big brother’s wife.  So, why wouldn’t I be nervous?  I can think of better ways to spend my time.  However, Master Pravus deserves time with his brother.  His brother’s wife?  Well, we don’t dislike her, but we just feel like we never have anything in common with her.  We teasingly call his brother and his brother’s wife “muggles”.  They’re just different than us.

Seeing as how they just plain don’t like me anyway, I don’t really censor myself around them.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I don’t bring up anything inappropriate, but if they’re going to pick on me, I’ll pick right back.  Somehow, this past meeting went reasonably well (probably because of that).  We managed to find a couple topics that we actually had in common, which hasn’t happened once in ten years, but there’s a first time for everything.  The whole thing was actually decent.

Once they left, we went down to the ocean.  I had though that Sarumom would be going with us, but she was tired and wanted to just take a nap.  We loved the cold ocean air.  It was so cold that I had to bring my blankie for the wheelchair.  Cold.  DSCF2765

Before we pulled out the wheelchair, Master Pravus parked near the stairs, and I walked down.  It’s not the smartest idea to bring the wheelchair out onto the sand, (and it wasn’t ours either, so we didn’t want to risk it).  I really wanted to touch the ocean, and to play with the waves a little bit.  They only crept up on me once, dousing my beautiful pink boots with sandy love.  <3  I escaped the waves all the other times.  <3


After that, I went in the chair, and Master Pravus pushed me around on the sidewalks.  We stopped for ice cream, and he got the biggest ice cream I ever saw!  It was the end of the season, so they were trying to use up their ice cream before they close for the year.


That ice cream is almost as big as his hand!  And trust me, this man has huge hands!  =^.~=  A bit later we also got pizza for dinner.  They don’t make pizza like that in Colorado!  Or, if they do, it’s hidden somewhere, because we have been disappointed in Colorado pizza in general.


The last stop for the day was at an Asian market in the area.  Master Pravus got me a couple of rice bowls purely because they were so cute!  I even got a matching soup spoon with one of them.


We returned to Master Pravus’ Mom’s house, and we changed into pajamas and just chatted.  It was nice to finally sit down with her and just catch up on things.  It has been so long since we chatted.  She’s planning on coming out here sometime this year.  Fingers crossed her shoulder is okay enough for her to make it.  She’s been having trouble with it for a while and is going to need to have surgery on it soon.  🙁

It wasn’t long before Master Pravus and me had to go up to bed.  The next morning we got up, ate breakfast, and had to run out.  We got to the airport a bit early, but that wasn’t a huge deal.  I got through security easier than I did when we were in Denver.  They had to check the back of my legs because, again, I was wearing garters, but they didn’t make me swab my hands or anything, which was good.  Not that the swab is awful or anything, but, it does hold things up while you wait for the results to come in.

We were about an hour early to the gate when we got through security.  Master Pravus walked down to the Dunkin’ Donuts to get us a couple bagels (as we were starving, we had to drop the car off, etc, and hadn’t eaten in four hours).  Once we got onto the plane, things went pretty well.  The woman we were sitting next to on the plane was really sweet and good natured.  Hell, she even liked Applepig!  Win!  😉  Poor ZeeBee was trapped in the luggage because he’s so big that I can’t fit him and Applepig in my carry on.  🙁  What do you mean, I don’t look tired in the bottom pic, waiting for the plane to board.  Not at all.


The plane ride home was a lot smoother, and a lot less problematic than the ride out there.  Funny note?  Here’s a shot of us on the plane on the way out to Boston:

on the way out

See that?  Calm, relaxed, happy, maybe a touch tired from getting up at the butt crack of dawn?  Now, watch this.  Four days with the family:

way back

Big difference.  Still reasonably happy, but, both much more tired, and, sheesh – I’m not even looking in the right direction.  >.<  We were laughing at our “before and after” shots.  I swear, if I lived super close to my family again, I would look ten years older than I do right now.

Once we were home, we didn’t even have the energy to make dinner.  We ordered pizza and went to bed super early, around 8PM, I think.  Talk about tired.  I even slept for ten hours the next day.  Unfortunately, I seem to have picked up a little sore throat bug on the way out there, so I’m kind of under the weather right now, but I think all in all the trip was a success.  Tomorrow I’m going to post some pictures from the trip. I feel like it would be odd to squish them into this post, so that’ll be coming tomorrow.

Mew mew!

12 thoughts on “Percy’s Wedding, Part: The Last

  1. Loved the “before” and “after” shots. Heh. Last time i flew, the attendant offered my teddy bear his own snack and asked how he was doing during the flight. 😀 It made my day, especially when she remembered his name.

    Yay for cold ocean days and ice cream. i miss the sea! Sounds like with the sore throat, you need more ice cream.

    1. @Jadescastle OMG! I love it, how cute! <3 I love how the flight attendant offered your teddy his own snack and even remembered his name. 🙂 So awesome. Hmm, I hadn't considered that you could get ice cream for having a sore throat. May need to bring this up with Master. 😀

  2. It is great you made it back, and every one is alive. I am referring to the family mostly as they are the biggest risk.

    I love your rice bowls. I have a teapot for one shaped like a kitty. Silly cat people.

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