Pictures From Percy’s Wedding

Out of respect for my big bro, I’m only gonna post pictures which are of me or Master, and the venue itself.  This first shot is the cupcake cake.  Nice, huh?


Those cupcakes were tasty.  Master got a chocolate one, and he let me have the cherry.  I had a vanilla one, but it had nutella in it!  It was pretty nom nom tastic.  🙂


Here’s a shot of me at the rehearsal dinner.  Master took it of me.  You can see the dining room in the background, it was very purdy.


Master and me at the ceremony itself.  I’m slightly bummed we didn’t get any pics of me standing in the dress (Percy will have the few they took), the dress was soo beautiful, and I already can’t wait to wear it again.  Maybe when we go on vacation next year.


Waitin’ for them to bestow the cake upon me!  Hurry up, I’m hungry!  =^^=

Those are all the pics we got that I feel comfortable sharing, as people were in the background of most of the shots.  Still, it was a nice night, overall.  See my other blogs for the rundown.

3 thoughts on “Pictures From Percy’s Wedding

    1. @Treasure Oh, doesn’t that hat just sort of DO IT for him?? I mean, I had never thought of him as a hat person, but when he got that hat a few years ago, everyone points out that he just looks so handsome in it! =)

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