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For a change, which, I think, we were way overdue for.  As I have blogged about before, we are moving.  Actually, while I have brought up moving, I want to talk about something that is annoying the crap out of me.  And, that is, the question I keep getting asked:  “You’re moving AGAIN?  Why do you move so much??” 

Did you know that the average person will move about 11 times in their life?  And that, on average, your typical US citizen moves every two years or so?  If you are one of the lucky people who doesn’t need to move often, you are either:

A) Living in a house. 

B) Have never had to move for work.

C) Have never had your landlord decide they were going to sell their property and therefore, you need to move out.

D) Must have wonderful service where you are, and your needs are always being met.

E) Have never had a substantial rent increase of $200+ per month or more in one year’s time.

F) You are flush with money.

As “A” and “F” don’t apply to us, we’ve had to move for reasons underlined in C, have had the opposite of D many times, and E.  We are striving for A, but that time has not come yet.  We look forward to it someday, though.  The main point I want to mention is that, true, a lot of people don’t blog about their moves, and yes, a lot of people don’t move as much as Master and me.  But, you know what?  Most of our friends have been in this same position their whole lives, so we both think it is strange when anyone asks us “Why are you moving again?”  We’re moving because we have to.  No one would go through all the pain in the butt process of moving unless it was a necessity.  Now, back to my regularly scheduled blog.

*     *     *

We started packing a while back, but one thing we had to save until we were closer to our actual move, was the hunt for the place we would move to.  We looked at apartments to rent, houses with option to buy, town houses, etc.  Master Pravus made a big list of places he wanted us to look at on Saturday, and he said that if we didn’t get to them all, it was fine, but this way we wouldn’t run out.  There were six places on the list.  We decided that our needs were simple this time around: we already were swimming at the rec center, so we didn’t care about a pool, we needed washer/dryer OR hookups, we needed central heating and cooling (Colorado can be quite cold, and ridiculously hot), we needed two bedrooms, preferably first floor, but no higher than second floor (due to my POTS), and we needed the place to be within roughly thirty minute commute of Master Pravus’ job.

The first place we went to wound up being a low-income only place, but it hadn’t mentioned that in the spot we read about it online (not the complex’s official site), and we made too much to live there.  The  person at the desk was incredibly nice and gave us a couple of other places to try.  The second place we went to had no availability in our time frame.  The third place we went to only had two townhomes in our move-in range.  They showed us the place, and it was very, very nice.  The apartments were nice (couldn’t show us a townhome because there were people living in all of theirs, but we did get to see the model apartment so that we could get an idea of kitchen appliances, etc.); they had a pool which was open year round and heated in the winter (which would help with my POTS, once I start getting well enough to do cardio again), they had a hot tub which was open year round; they had a second pool which is open in the summer, a really big, well-stocked gym, they have a huge lounge up by the front office with free wi-fi, free coffee, and a huge TV; they were thirty minutes from Master Pravus’ work exactly, and only ten minutes to Denver, so we would be closer to the Zoo (and, lots of other cool Denver-y things that we like to be close to.)

We left the office there, as it had only been the second place we really had anything to look at (second place told us off the bat they didn’t have availability until November 7th, which is much too late for us), and we were about to head out to our next place.  Master Pravus and me were talking about the complex, and I confessed that I loved this complex and for me, it was my current “”#1”.  We started to drive away from there, and Master Pravus turned around about two streets down to put a deposit on our townhome!  He said that, he had a good feeling about this place, and, we had checked the reviews on it too, which were really good.

We know the exact townhouse location we’re moving to, they showed it to us.  It is right by the second pool, and it is “technically” a first floor, though there are five or six steps to get into it.  There is also a second floor to it where the full bath, and two bedrooms are located, but Master Pravus says if I am having a super bad POTS day or something, we could always camp out downstairs.  (He is the best).

The only bummer is that, while we will have a washer/dryer within a couple of months, we won’t have them right away.  Unfortunately, this complex uses special machines that are hard to find, so you have to rent them from the apartment complex themselves, and there’s a waiting list to get them.  There’s onsite laundry, but that will hopefully only be for a few months.  When do we move?  Well, we’re going to start the moving process on the 25th, the movers are coming on the 30th to get whatever we can’t get on our own, and the cleaners will be there to give the entire apartment a scrub on the 31st of October.  That gives us a bit over three weeks to get everything packed before we start the move process.

We are excited about the town house, the beautiful property, etc, but we’re a bit worried about the entire thing because so far we have yet to really like any of the places we have moved to in Colorado, and with good reason.  I mean, we have never had these types of problems in Boston, but maintenance around here is the absolute most sluggish we have ever seen.  They all tell you they will get to things within a reasonable amount of time (a week or so), but then, you could be waiting three months to have your shower fixed.  (True story).  Ants, wasps, nails coming out of the floor, people barging into your apartment unannounced.  *sigh*  If there was one thing we were displeased with here in Colorado, it is definitely the places we have rented housing from.  It sucks.  We have learned a few tricks though, and, going into this new place we have hopes that things will improve.  But if not, at least the townhouse itself will be lovely, so if we stay on our side of the line, they can stay on theirs and we can go about our own lives.  I hope. ::Fingers crossed::

15 thoughts on “Good News!

  1. Congrats! We just found out that our apartment is horribly wired (one circuit for the entire apartment. If I run my stuff all at once it blows every time… and the breaker isn’t where we can reset it. Our building manager loathes me.

  2. Moveing can be exciting and scary. This I know. i had two big moves that were both, but then they were long distance, Southern California to Northern California, then a few years later, Northern Cali to Minnesota.

    1. @Fyremane Yeah, that’s sort of how I feel right now. We’ve come to terms with the fact that maintenance is just terrible in Colorado in general, but we have a couple of tricks up our sleeves to help with that. 🙂 We had one long distance move once. 😉 Boston to Colorado was pretty exciting. I am glad we’re not going that far this time though.

  3. i can’t wait to see pics of the new place! i am really happy for you guys and i hope this one is a keeper! By the way, i counted last night, so far i’ve moved 10 times and i don’t really consider myself much of a gypsy! Although, i always sorta wanted to be a gypsy…. runs off …”Heyyyyy Masterrrr……..

    Oh! love ya! Huggs!

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