I Gotta Pee!!


It’s not my fault, you know.  Because of the amount of water I have to drink for my POTS, I pee a lot!  It’s got to be one of the most annoying traits I have I think. No matter where we are, I will need to stop and pee at least once on the way there (if the trip is an hour or longer) and no matter what, if there is a bathroom available, I always use it before we leave.  Going places with me typically takes a bit of extra time.  Master doesn’t mind.  He is always trying to encourage me to drink even MORE!  (Though, some days I feel like I am going to float away if I drink any more water.  I mean, my tummy only holds so much liquid!  Lol!)

Well, as you can imagine, we frequently have to pause play for me to take a tinkle.  I always ask permission, and there are times when Master will say no, but he is allowing me to pee more and more lately, purely because it is fun for him to watch.  If he has given me permission to pee, he will usually leave bondage in place (minus tethers, otherwise, how on Earth would I get to the toilet?), and he also usually will put my Tiger Paw Wrist Supports on me.  (If I crawl without them, the chances of me subluxing a bone in my wrist are pretty much 100%.  However, if I do not need to crawl he will not put them on me.)

This has lead to all sorts of fun scenarios like you see above.  I had my legs (AFF) bondage taped from my knees to my toes, and I couldn’t spread my legs at all.  Crawling was tricky too because I had to inch along and could barely move my knees.  It took me forever to get to the bathroom. Once I got there, it took some serious finagling to get to a semi-standing (mainly tip toe) position- and then, to the toilet.  And then I had to crawl back! 

Master hasn’t gotten pictures of the process very often, so this picture is one I had to share.  Mainly, he’ll just stand there and tell me how hot it is that I can move in bondage at all.  I mean, my hands were free, and I have itsy-bitsy movements in my knees.  I’ve been in the opposite position before, with my arms bound to my sides, and my legs free.  I’ve also been in positions where I have my wrists and my ankles bound but still manage to inch along to the bathroom.  It’s a fun game for me, because I really enjoy tough physical challenges, and it’s hot to Master to see me slowly inch my way around the apartment.

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4 thoughts on “I Gotta Pee!!

  1. I know your pain, girl!

    Between the UTIs I get and the freakin’ premature perimenpause I pee at least one or two times an hour! Sex requires at least one break, sometimes two, and both before and after. *sigh* For me, it’s better than getting a UTI, pissing blood and being in agony until I can score some antibiotics. MM knows all this well (He’s the one who has to take me to the hospital at 3:00 AM) and fairly pushes me out of the bed (or where ever) when I let him know I have to go. 🙂 “Go, go GO, I don’t want you sick!”

    We haven’t used our bondage tape in SO long. I have a roll with “barbed wire” and roses on it. It’s beautiful, sometimes I make clothes out of it, or just… play. MM hasn’t been feeling great lately so we’ve been more into “quickies” (which for us are no less than 45 minutes to an hour) so no elaborate play time for a while. Eventually!

    Keep chuggin’ that water, Kitty. 🙂


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