Weekend Update.. 17 Days To Move!

cracker barrel

17 days to the move!  We are both really starting to get excited, as well as slightly worried.  Not too worried though.  There are always the little things to worry about, you know?  The little things that you’re sure will work out just fine, but experience tells ya to be cautious anyway?  The only thing which can fix that though is for it to be the first of November, with everything done and done.  In the meantime, we take possession of the place on the 25th, which leaves us 17 days to get things done on this end. 

Over the weekend, we did a lot of stuff.  We ran around town collecting boxes and packing supplies, and we’re pretty confident now that we have enough boxes and packing material to finish up the rest of the packing.  We got a LOT of boxes.  At Master Pravus’s last count, we’re up to about eighty packed boxes.  They are not all huge boxes though, some of them are quite small.  We were talking to Mom this past weekend and she said it sounded like we were moving with more stuff than we came in here with.  The crazy part is that, apart from a new futon, we actually have pared things down quite a bit.  Since we had so much time to plan for this move in particular, we went through and donated, eBayed, or got rid of things that we didn’t really need in order to make the move itself easier.

Saturday night we went out to dinner, because Master Pravus was exhausted, and he wanted to go out.  (Going out is less stressful, we both think, plus it is fun and we enjoy it.)  We went to Cracker Barrel, and I somehow managed to beat that little peg board game.  I have no clue how it happened, lol.  Kind of fun when you manage to do things like that by accident.  The waitress was cool and we had a long chat about piercings.  She really liked my septum piercing.  =^^=

Sunday was the best day ever!  Okay, not ever, but it is the best day I have had since I had that really awful POTS episode that has completely thrown me off my game two and a half months ago.  Up until now, I have only very rarely been capable of going anywhere without a wheelchair or scooter, but this past Sunday I did awesome!  I felt like my old self again!  I do not know if it is the salt, the strength training (with extra emphasis on my legs), the water (I have been drinking a lot more than usual), the compression clothing, or all of those combined, but on Sunday I managed seven trips up and down the stairs to carry one box at a time (more than that is not good on my wrists).  Granted, they were empty boxes, but there are days when I cannot get down the stairs once, let alone seven round trips.  Did I mention we are on the third floor?  Well, yes, yes we are!

Not only that, but after we got the boxes upstairs, I went out with Master Pravus to the local grocery store super quick to pick up one item we needed..  And I did not use a scooter!  YES!  I am over the moon about this.  The little things really do make quite the difference, and with one day this good, I feel like more good days are headed my way.  Of course, that night, I bent down to pick something up off of the floor and a muscle in the back of my left hamstring just gave me a big old “FUCK YOU” and started shaking like crazy, and I could not support my weight on my leg.  Master Pravus got me my crutches to get to the couch, and we iced it.  The ice really helped, and I can walk around today, but it is super shaky and doesn’t feel right.  I know I will be okay, and I am sure if I am careful in two or three days my leg will be back to my version of “normal”, but still.  It is never the seven trips up and down the stairs that get me.  Nope.  It’s the one, very simple thing I do a couple of hours later that is just the straw that breaks the camel’s back.  If it isn’t POTS giving me a rough time, it’s the Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.  But, overall, I still am counting yesterday as a real win for me.

Something extra exciting though?  Halloween is our favorite holiday, but since we are generally moving on that day we nearly never get to do anything fun for it.  This year, Master Pravus bought us tickets to Boo At The Zoo: After Dark!  It’s this really cool event when you get into the zoo later than their usual hours, and you can trick or treat, and there are animal shows, and you get to dress up.. And..  And!!!  It’s only a few minutes from our new home, so we’re going to go pick up the keys to our new place, and drop off a car load, and then we’re going to the Boo At The Zoo event.  =^^=  It’s not on Halloween, but it is the night before we start all of our serious hauling, so we won’t be tired yet, and it’ll be a fun way to relax.  <3  We are excited!

8 thoughts on “Weekend Update.. 17 Days To Move!

  1. It sounds like you and M are ready for your move. Or at least close.

    I’m glad the POTS has been better, sorry about your leg, though. It just seems like it’s one thing after an other, doesn’t it?

    Have fun at the Zoo! We have Boo at the Zoo at our Zoo, too. I don’t know if we’ll get to go, though. We’re members at Chicago Zoological Society’s Brookfield Zoo and have been for years, and we all love it so much!

    Good luck on your move.

    1. @P’Gell Thanks Hon! We definitely are getting close to having things all set for the move. The packing is underway at a rapid pace and all our ducks are in a row. =^^=

      Yeah, it does always seem to be one thing or another with me. BUT, I have to be thankful because I can sit up and walk around and do a lot of things that I couldn’t do a couple months ago, yanno? 🙂 Little by little, I’ll get this thing under control. Hopefully.

      Yay! I’m a huge Zoo fan. The Denver Zoo really is spectacular, so we became members back in May. There is always something there we want to do! 🙂 Hee hee. I bet Chicago has a nice zoo too.

  2. Good luck kitty! I move as often as you seem to (yearly or bi-yearly) for the same reasons you listed in a previous post. I relocated to a different area, the property wasn’t up to par and/or the management sucked, I wanted different features in my home, etc. In case you’re wondering, my friends and family also give me shit about “moving so much.”

    I feel like your next place is going to be awesome…my favorite apartment ever was a townhome. My cats always loved the stairs for playtime as well. I hope Serenade loves them too!

    Btw, I check your blog weekly but don’t comment as much as I used to. I really am inspired by your battle with POTS (I have my own health issues as well that are making it more and more difficult to live a normal life) and wish you well. I’m glad you have master to care for you want watch out for you.


    1. @Nikki Thank you! Moving is a pain in the BUM, but I know it’ll be worth it. It’s funny, but the only people who seem to give me shit about moving so much are the people I know online. Friends in real life generally seem to be in the same situation, or at least understanding of it. Still, frustrating.

      Thanks for the well wishes. POTS has been a really rough battle since this most recent, severe attack, but I am finally starting to feel like I am on an upswing. Crossing my fingers and hoping so, anyway. I am sorry to hear you have had your own health struggles as well, and I really do hope you feel better on a day to day basis too.

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