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When Master and me first met and started dating, he was the one who wore the make up.  I know that is going to sound odd to most, but his gothy, gorgeous black eye shadow (done old school burned cork style), black lipstick, black nail polish, and guyliner were major turn ons to me.  They still fucking are!  I love seeing Master Pravus in his make up when he puts it on.

Over the weekend I was lamenting that a band came through that I adore, but we couldn’t go because the move is just too expensive. Master mentioned that would have been a great time for him to wear his make up. He also said he misses getting dressed up and wearing his stompy boots out to go dancing. 

I have never been a club person (I would rather fuck than stand around drinking and dancing*), but I get that it is important to him and so I have gone with him many times as well as mentioned that we should find some stompy goth clubs to go since we have moved here.  It’s not my scene at all, but I love how happy it makes him.  I love pleasing him, and more importantly, I love seeing him in his sexy make up and fishnets.

It was just a funny realization for me over the weekend, because, I also mentioned (jokingly) to Master that we do not need to be at a club if he feels like putting on his make up or getting dressed up.  I love seeing him that way, and it was funny because the exact thing I said was:

“Any time you want to put make up on and dance around stompy-like for me, I’m there!”

I had this realization.  It’s funny, but, gender-role wise, Master and me can be quite opposite (with the exception of him being in charge, having the final say, and all those other “normal” things that go on in our dynamic), and we’re happy with it that way.  I mean, when I said Master was the one who wore the make up, it’s true.  I don’t even know how to apply eyeliner (but he keeps telling me he will show me, and for whatever reason it keeps getting put off). 

Master has done my eyeliner a couple of times, and I always think I look hot with it on. But unless Master made make up a rule for it, I honestly just could not be bothered.  He’ll probably never make a rule like that, because he’d told me he doesn’t want me to get addicted. So I’m probably safe. I get that I could do make up tutorials on YouTube, but I just don’t give a fuck.  I would rather spend time living life than checking to make sure that my lipstick has not smudged, or that my eyeliner isn’t running.  Yes, it’s sexy, but I don’t have the right mentality to deal with all the little pain in the ass bits about it all day.  I don’t even check my hair when we’re out.  I brush it, put it up, and I go.

I’m just not your typical girly girl, in a lot of regards.  I know most see make up as a feminine trait, and I guess it can be… But I don’t see why men can’t wear it too?  It doesn’t need to be them wearing it special for me or anything like that (though it is cool when Master will paint his nails for me on my birthday or something), I don’t expect it of him, I just love seeing him like that, and I think of it as a treat when he gets all painted up for me, (or for himself just because he wants to). 

It’s just funny to realize though, because most men will expect a women to wear make up for them, and it’s rare for that to not happen. I’ve never really felt like a “woman” so I’m sure that’s part of it.  I don’t expect Master Pravus to do anything (least of all dress up extra sexy for me), but you won’t catch him even hinting that I need to or could wear make up. Whereas I don’t mind complimenting his style whenever it comes into conversation, even if it is a topic that comes up only rarely.

*I know is basically what happens at a concert, but, a concert is one or two nights in the course of a year or so as we don’t attend them much, and clubbing is once a week when Master does it as often as he wants to.

6 thoughts on “Make Up

  1. I have the exact some mentality about makeup. I feel uncomfortable in it and honestly tend to prefer a natural look (meaning the benefit of wearing it just isn’t worthwhile enough for me to sacrifice my comfort).

    Granted, I do look better when I wear it but I try not to be “vain” so to speak and put too much emphasis on my physical beauty. However, I do respect other women who have the time and patience to do their makeup on a daily basis! it’s not as easy as it looks.

    1. @Nikki Oh yeah, make up is definitely hard, which is why my patience for it is minimal. A few friends have staged “make up interventions” and forced makeovers on me a couple of times. LOL! But, even if I look hot with it on, I only ever really seem to put make up on for cam, and even then it’s not always a guarantee.

  2. Kitty, when I was in most of my mid20s to early 30s I didn’t wear make up much, unless we were going out. (I really didn’t need it.) As a teen I wouldn’t leave the house without it. Now, as a eh ehm… more mature woman (LOL!) I find again, I’m more comfortable with at least some moisturizer, cover up, foundation, eye liner… OK the whole thing, before I want to leave the house. I have found your needs and priorities change as your life does.

    MM always says he doesn’t care if I wear make up or not, he says I look “the same, P’Gell with make up on.” But, if I don’t wear it and he comes home from work, he starts with, “Are you OK? Do you have a migraine? Do you need to lie down?” *sigh* Probably because when I don’t feel well, I don’t bother using make up, plus I get really pale and have huge under eye circles when I have a migraine or when my Fibromyalgia is really bad.

    You look adorable without make up. It’s your face and your choice. As long as your M doesn’t care one way or the other.

    I have found, though that the more you use make up the easier it is to put on. It takes me probably less than 15 minutes to do a full make up process. Moisturizer to powder. But, you look adorable as is, honey! 🙂

    1. @P’Gell I hope you didn’t think I was trying to insult people who do wear make up, because I definitely wasn’t. I think that make up, like most things, is a skill and there are people who can put it on and not worry about it for the rest of the day. The majority of people I see wearing it though are always fiddling with it. I mean, I’m not offended by that or anything, it’s just that, even as a teen I never really wore make up. Even my hair is always in a ponytail. I do want to look nice when I go out, and at home, but I’m just not willing to spend a lot of time on it. Sometimes for cam shows I will wear a bit of lipstick though.

      I think people can look awesome in make up. As I mentioned in my post, I am very turned on seeing Master in his (albeit nonconventional) make up. It’s just not something that at this point I really care about, and, knowing my patience for “girly” things, I doubt will be something I worry about in the future. I could look like death warmed over, but make up is just too much work for me. I will never be the girly girl my Mom or MIL wants. Lol. Good thing Master prefers me with no make up on.

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