9 Days


Master Pravus left the room to do something, I dunno what.  Lift a huge heavy thing?  Acquire more packing tape?  Eat cheese?  Who knoss.  All I know is that, somehow, I wounded up in ‘dis box, and he wounded up taking a picture.  Heh.  =^^=

Ah, moving.  This move is so fucking golden that it may even have chocolate hidden inside.  It’s good.  Real real good.  The majority of the packing this time has been done by Master Pravus, which had me feeling guilty, but he even pointed out that he doesn’t need me fainting or getting hurt right now, and I’ve been really busy with the Mewtique, too.  I’m not saying I haven’t been packing, it’s just that more often than not I have been sewing.  I’ve been trying to keep up with the little things like the cookin’, cleanin’, and sewin’, but they all just seem to fall behind a bit.  The apartment is a disaster area.  If you’ve ever moved even once, you’ll understand.

The dungeon has become the box room, and we moved the toys we’re keeping out into the living room, so, with a pull out sofa and a futon in the front room, there’s still play space and there’s still access to all the things we need or want.  It’s not a bad setup for the moment.  It does seem like every time one of us sits down for a minute, we’ll see ten more things that need doing, you know?  Put the vacuum away, wash another dish, fill in more holes in the walls, wash this, empty that..  It’s kind of weird, but we have had to schedule play time and rest times into our day because if we don’t, neither of us will stop cleaning, chores, or packing.

We only have a couple of boxes in rooms aside from the old dungeon, which is nice.  For the most part there’s nothing in the dungeon we need now (except for packing supplies and my clothes), so we don’t go in there a ton at the moment anyway.  Having the vast majority of the boxes in another room has made it a lot nicer to live here for the last bit we need to.  It always sucks when there are boxes surrounding you on all sides.  Happily, we’re not quite to that point yet.

Master Pravus said he’s going to start taking the bed apart this Thursday.  It’s kind of way too big to move, so we’re going to need to take it apart and put it back together again once we get to the new place, but that is something the movers will take care of when they get here, and not something we’re going to be doing on our own.  Last night Master Pravus packed all of the video games except for two, which has made the house seem “empty” to us both.  =^^=  I mean, with that rack gone, it definitely is a bit lonelier looking in here.  We’re huge gamers.

Tonight I have an appointment, then Master Pravus has an appointment, then Wednesday Serenade goes to the vet to get updated paperwork for the new apartment, then Master Pravus takes apart the bed..  And everything is just sort of happening right now.  We have done an awesome job of getting things packed up and ready to go ahead of time, but no matter what you do (unless you can afford to pay someone to come and pack all of your shit) the final week or so of a move is always filled with appointments and rushing around and craziness.

We packed up 99% of my camming stuff.  I’m too busy with the Mewtique to cam during the day right now, and the packing and cleaning and stuff we do together at night is so strenuous that I don’t have much energy for it anyway.  Master Pravus’s plan is to set the cam stuff up the weekend after the movers come so that I can cam during the week while he works and in the meantime I will spend the first four or five days just unpacking things.  That way we will hopefully get to the necessities first: sex toys, pots and pans, pantry stuffs, video games.  =^^=  Pretty much in that order.  Having the cam stuff put away makes this all feel so completely real. 

The new place is so cool and Master Pravus and me are very, very excited to get the whole move underway, but in the meantime, there’s still stuff to get done where we are, so we’re definitely not sitting around twiddling out thumbs.

So that’s where we are at right now!  We’re excited and we’re definitely keeping busy.  Not long now!  =^^=

12 thoughts on “9 Days

  1. I’ve literally spent all night reading your blog instead of studying for my exams. It is so fascinating. I’m in a Ds relationship as well, and was wondering if you had an email or some way I could contact you to talk! 🙂

    1. Hi @Pinkkitty I am so glad you like my blog. Sorry it took me so long to reply, I have been in the middle of moving. We’re in our new place now though so luckily I’m getting a bit more spare time. My email is: The _ Sub _ Mission @ yahoo . com (remove spaces) if you wanna chat. Mew! <3 P.S. Good luck with your exams.

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