Pumpkin Picking!

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It’s just not Halloween without a pumpkin, at least not to us.  Last year I had a lot of fun carving a kitty face pumpkin, but this year we didn’t want to get a big pumpkin, because what would be the point of buying a pumpkin only to have to move with this giant beast of a thing next week?  Yeah, I had thought my dreams of pumpkins were doomed this year, but a few nights ago Master Pravus told me he was going to bring me to a pumpkin patch!

I wiggled excitedly!  YAY!  We didn’t get to go to the pumpkin patch last year because of my foot, so I was excited!

We wound up at the grocery store.  They had made a “pumpkin patch” squared off section that you could go into and pick your pumpkin.  All of the pumpkins in that particular patch were too big.  We went inside the store and were looking for those little mini pumpkins, and the only kind they had were in bags of 8-10 pumpkins.  We really didn’t need that many, either.

Master got the idea to go to another store, and they had single mini pumpkins!  Yay!  Master let me pick the one I wanted, and I was torn between the one you see above, and a white one which was a little bigger and rounder.  Master Pravus chose the orange one though, because he liked that it had a stem.  We both really like those white pumpkins though.  You can make them look like ghosts if you color on them with a black marker.  =^^=

This little pumpkin is too small to really do much with, but it is a cute little bit of “festive” for the apartment.  Now I just gotta get it away from Scabbers, and we’re set.

5 thoughts on “Pumpkin Picking!

  1. That’s funny, when we were shopping for Bill, Master liked all the pumpkins that had “hats” (stems) as He calls them hehe too! Must be something about Master’s and stems!!! lolol!! As it turned out though, this year Bill doesn’t have a hat! Poor Master! =/ They were pretty well picked through already and i thought we shopped early!!

    By the way, it doesn’t look like Scabbers is giving up that pumpkin any time soon! Unless of course you “sick” the Dark One on him then all bets are off! He’s a scary pig, that one. =) LOL! HUGS!!! <3

    1. @Treasure That is too cute about your Master liking all the “hats” pumpkins too. We like out pumpkin to have a hat, but we’re not too picky if it doesn’t, usually. The important part is the pumpkin shape and if that’s OK but there’s no hat we’ve been known to buy it anyway. But, if we have the choice between a nice pumpkin with hat and a nice one without hat, we’ll go for the hatted pumpkin.

      The funny part is that you’re the second person ever to call Apple Pig scary, aside from people who live with him. LOL!

      P.S. Give Kerpy a big hug and kiss from me. <3

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