Boo At The Zoo!

boo at the zoo lights

BOO AT THE ZOO!!  We got tickets early in the month to go to the Boo at the Zoo event in our area.  We were really excited about it because (if you read this blog) you will know we are huge fans of the Zoo.  We each put one special outfit aside along with our sweat pants and crummy clothes for the move, and we changed once we got to the new apartment.

Our Friday night did not start off on the best of terms.  For starters, when we got to the new apartment we needed to sign the lease.  As with every lease, there’s that initial “walkthrough” to write down everything that is wrong with the place you’re moving into so that they don’t charge you for those things when you move out.  This was just beyond belief.  I mean, the porch was brand new, and the carpet was brand new..  But there were at least two items in each room that were in desperate need of repair.  I’m not talking minor things, though there were plenty of minor things too (like, chipped paint, a window screen being a size too small, etc).  No, the things that really had us upset were that the oven just plain did not work.  At all. 

There was a big leak on the floor (which we did not notice until we got back to the apartment after signing the lease.  Lucky us.) the dishwasher was really, really loud (you could hear it upstairs), and it made the worst grinding noise ever.  EVER.  The really real big kicker?  We specifically asked for a first floor apartment, and we were specifically told that the town house we were getting was on the first floor “But there are five or six stairs that you have to step up.  That’s just the way our first floor units work.”  We were really looking for no stairs, as we have mentioned before, because my POTS has been so awful and there are days I cannot even leave the apartment due to the stairs.  We did not ask offhandedly.  We explained that I had a medical condition and needed as few stairs as possible.  We decided five or six stairs would be fine, and I could always sleep downstairs in the apartment if I had a super bad POTS day.  Of course, we show up, and our apartment is almost three flights up in addition to the flight of stairs inside.  We were livid (especially Master Pravus).  He confronted our rep about this, and the rep just says “all the units are different, this is the one you got.”  Talk about final straw.

The front office guy just sort of rushed us through our lease and he kept being annoyed when I asked him questions (because he didn’t explain anything, he just would keep saying “Sign here, here, don’t worry about that…”).  Well, if the paper I am signing says I am subject to a fee, then yes, I am going to “worry about that”.  We found out some other things that would have been nice to know up front like, the heat is on a combined bill for the entire building, so you aren’t charged just for your own heat, but actually it’s all divided up equally amongst the units.  Lovely.  So, if the next door neighbor likes to keep their apartment at ninety-five degrees, then that will be wonderful, I’m sure.

To be honest, we changed, and the entire way to the Zoo we were upset.  We were talking about how we literally had no other time to find a new place, about how we were angry that they weren’t going to send anyone to fix anything until Monday (including the fact that the stove was broken, and that there was a leak, though we were willing to wait on the dishwasher, and other more minor things). 

We went into the Zoo itself and we tried to cheer ourselves up.  We were in the Zoo, and it was beautiful after all!  Master Pravus tried getting a few pictures of me with Applepig, but each time I wound up squinting too much because it was very dark and the camera flash made it hard to keep my eyes open, so we gave up.  We tried to get a couple good pictures of the Zoo itself, but it’s hard getting pictures in the dark.  There’s some of the lights above.

We ate dinner at the Zoo, but we mostly trick-or-treated.  I was wearing my leopard kitty ears and the dress I got for my brother’s wedding.  I was all black and velvety, and Master Pravus didn’t wanna stop rubbing me all over.  I liked this.  <3

One thing that is really cool about trick-or-treating at the Zoo is you tend to get a lot of the stuff I like to eat when it comes to “junk”.  I mean, we got super dark chocolate, and lots of vegan candies.  We got granola bars and organic energy bars.  I almost felt bad for the kids who were all “Where’s muh chocolate??”  Not that there was no milk chocolate, but there just wasn’t as much of that stuff as you get going door-to-door.  Dried fruit and granola bars:  Score one for me! 

And, score one for Master Pravus, actually, because there was a beef jerky truck!  He was so excited to see it that he walked right up and said “Trick or Meat!”  And the lady handing out the jerky laughed.  I felt a little bit bad for the kids, because they were standing there going “Mom, I don’t want to get jerky!”  And the parents were telling them “Yeah?  Well I do!”  =^^=  It was funny.  I also managed to win some small plushies.  I got a pig, a chicken, and a bunny rabbit.


Master Pravus and me really enjoyed seeing everyone.  There were so many kids, but they were all well-behaved and cute looking.  There was one little boy who stole the show for us.  Master Pravus is sweet and playful, and as the little boy’s red wagon came towards us, Master Pravus yelled “Oh no, a shark!”  The kid, who had on a full shark hood, looked at him, took a deep breath and yelled: “Rawr!”  We could not stop laughing at the cuteness.  Seriously adorable.  There were so many cute costumes: princesses, lots of Monsters Inc costumes, a ton of tiny dinosaurs running around.  It was beyond cute.  <3  It was almost worth it getting in just to see all the cute little costumes.

We stayed until around 8:30, when we were getting tired, and then we ran off home to get some sleep.  The next few days were going to be super busy and we wanted to be well rested.

2 thoughts on “Boo At The Zoo!

  1. NICE!! i am so super jealous, you have no idearrr!!! Boo at the zoo sounds super amazing! i am glad you were able to go regardless of your current bummer of a situation. Master told me that things weren’t exactly “going your way”… but i hope that things will get straightened out! i can’t even begin to understand the whole third floor thing!! =( BUT i know you guys and i know that you’ll find the silver lining in this, you’ll be fine and you’ll make it work! Love you tons! <3

    …::steals that snickers bar away from the Pig!!!…::


    1. @Treasure Yeah, the Zoo was the BEST!! Plus, you’ve been there so you know how awesome the Denver Zoo is. 😉 We do seem to have the worst luck with apartments ever, but we’ve gotten them to fix most of the issues at this point, so we’re pretty happy. 🙂

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