Moving Woes


Moving in Colorado has been somewhat of a nightmare each time.  This time was no exception, and it had a whole laundry list of issues going on.  Sons of bitches.  Our rep told us that nothing would get done until Monday.  And we waited and tried to be patient, but we were living in a house which, if you used the kitchen sink, you were going to have a huge leak all over the floor (even just doing something as simple as washing berries would leave the floor with a huge puddle).  Not to mention we were unable to cook because the oven was broken, and as we went on we found more and more issues.

The bar to hang your clothes on in the master bedroom closet was coming away from the wall, the door handle in the half bath was coming away from the door, the drawers in the kitchen were absolutely trashed (no track on the bottom, holes in bottom of the drawers, etc) and we didn’t notice until we tried putting things in them.  And then, I went to use the downstairs toilet and know what?  It started raining on my arm.  My arm!

As soon as the ceiling started to leak, Master Pravus called up the front office, and was told, again, that he would have to suck it up and deal with it, basically.  Fuckers.  Master Pravus doesn’t suck anything up, especially major things like this, and you know what?  He wrote a letter to the CEO of the company that manages our complex, not the manager of our complex because at that point, he was incredibly angry with this whole thing.  This apartment was nowhere near move in ready, and he wasn’t having it.  He CC:ed me on the email, so I could keep a copy for our records, and he was polite but you could still tell how angry he was.

At that point, the manager of our complex actually called us.  On the phone she sounded incredibly sweet and nice and she apologized and said she was going to launch a full investigation into why our apartment wasn’t ready for us.  To be honest, we don’t care about the investigation that she likely will never launch anyway.  We just want our apartment fixed up.  She sent maintenance over, and they were supposed to fix the leak, the closet, and one other thing.  The guy they sent didn’t fix the leak at all.  Nope.  Nada.  I saw him tinkering down there, and he left saying it was fixed, but an hour later when I ran dishes, we were back to having a lake all over our kitchen.

A few more calls later and the head maintenance guy himself came in, with his crack-team of four guys.  They wandered through the apartment fixing everything that we told them was wrong (and there was more than I listed, but, as it is fixed now I can’t recall it all), we were beyond thrilled!  YAY!  No leaks.  And, we have had no leaks since then, which is nice too.  There are a few special things they need to order for us, so we’re waiting on those, but hopefully they don’t take too long.  In the meantime, I promised the maintenance guys cupcakes, which they tease me mercilessly about whenever they see me:

“Where’s our cupcakes??”  Lol!

They are all super sweet.  I swear, as soon as I unpack the mixing bowls, cupcakes shall be your reward!

More good news?  We had originally though it would be a couple of months until we got our washer dryer, and after we sent the note to the CEO, we got our washer/dryer unit the next day.  Swanky, right?  So, no Suds n Wash for us.  We are very happy.

The Internet was fucked for the first five days after moving in, I had no access to it at all.  Comcrap kept hanging up on us on the phone and wouldn’t call us back which make the situation worse.  We finally got through to them, but we wound up having to wait until we had been in the new apartment for almost a week before they would send a tech out to us.  Lovely.  A few people told me they were worried when they didn’t hear from me after we moved in.  Well, that’d be why.  I couldn’t check Twitter, it was insane!  But, having no Internet did give me time to just focus on the unpacking.  There is a lot more unpacking to do just to feel like we’re home, but we’ll get there.

We had originally hired maids to come clean our house from top to bottom once we had vacated our old place.  Master Pravus had to wake me up at 5AM to get me all the way back to our old place and still get himself to work on time that day.  Then, I had to sit around in the house with a bit of food and a couple of phones to play Candy Crush on until he picked me up after work.  Of course, 9AM comes and the maids aren’t there.  9:30AM comes, and still no maids.  Master Pravus calls the maids, and their number had been disconnected and they were no longer in service according to their website.  Lovely, yes?  Yes?  >.<  Thankfully, after calling five other maid companies, he managed to find one who could come in and clean the place up before the end of the day.  They were absolutely amazing too.  They charged by the hour, but those two women didn’t waste any time!  Everything they touched looked brand new when they were done with it.  We were amazed.

After work that day, Master Pravus had brought a steam cleaner with him (he rented one) and I waited while he steam cleaned the carpets.  (It was way, way too heavy for me to move around).  When he was done, the carpet looked brand new.  Nice!

At this point, I have been waking up super early, unpacking, and then going to bed before my bedtime even hits.  I guess it at least gets a lot of stuff done for now.  We are really looking forward to getting some more things put where they go.  I am sure it’ll be a month or more before everything is where it needs to be, but we’re still unpacking the big things right now.  For example, my cam stuff is still mostly packed and we’re even still trying to figure out where things are located.  Master Pravus is doing the bulk of the heavy lifting, and I’m trying to unpack things and get them where they need to be.

Now that the bulk of the problems have been fixed, we really do love it here.  The grounds are gorgeous, and have lots of trees and lovely plants and paved paths to walk on.  The apartment is huge, and far bigger than our last one.  We love that it has an upstairs too, and the Master bedroom is enormous!  We even have three huge closets, so we’re happy.  <3  Amazing what having no leaks, etc will do for morale.  Serenade is prowling around like she owns the place too.  She seems to love the upstairs and not so much the downstairs yet.  My guess is that she doesn’t like how the boxes are everywhere downstairs (so the downstairs is a bit messy) while the upstairs is a bit neater as we just bring up things as we are ready to put them away.  The stairs seem to be her favorite part though, and she likes to poke her head out on the railing and look down.  Hee hee.  Adorable.

These blogs will still come, but they probably won’t be “daily” again until we unpack the cam stuff so that I am camming every day.  We’ll see.  We’re OK!  Just surrounded by boxes for now.

Oh, and that picture from up top is a picture of me at what Master is calling our “victory dinner”.  We went out to eat once the cleaning ladies had left our old apartment and we had turned in the keys.  We were dead on our feet.

12 thoughts on “Moving Woes

  1. I posted a longer comment but it got timed out 🙁

    Long story short…I can’t wait to see pics of your new place and contacting the CEO was an A+ move on Master’s part. Good luck unpacking!

    1. Thanks @Nikki I’m super glad the letter worked out. We were not about to deal with leaking pipes, etc. Some of the other stuff we could wait on, but leaks?? Nuh-uh. >.< ::Stomps foot::

    1. I got Kitty a Strawberry Mini Milkshake at Outback Steak House. Here was the description: “This strawberry shake combines strawberry purée and Blue Bell® Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream with whipped cream and a fresh strawberry. Berry delicious.”

      Kitty apparently found it “Berry delicious” as well. 🙂

    1. @Lisa Thanks! Master got it for me a looong time ago, and it has sort of been designated to “crummy jobs around the house” at this point because it’s getting faded.

  2. Jumping on the “happy to hear it” band wagon! It’s really great that everything worked out so well with the repairs and you’re finally on your way to making this your home! After such a miserable start i hope you and your Master are happy here for a long time to come and your moves are over for a good long while! =)

    1. Thanks @Treasure! =^^= I am glad we’re finally doing well and the bad stuff has been taken care of too. I mean, it should have been fixed before we moved IN, but it is what it is, huh? 🙂

      We’re really hoping are moved are done for a while, too, but apartment living being what it is (even though we LOVE the layout and size of our new apartment) we’ll likely be here two or three years at most. You never know though. It’d be nice to not have to move.

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