Settling In Update

I haven’t blogged in about a week, because we’ve been super crazy over here, still getting things set up.  Most of our days are spent unpacking things, reorganizing things, or otherwise finding places for things to go.  We know Rome wasn’t built in a day, so over the weekend we set the goal of having my futon set up for camming.  Of course, it didn’t work out that way.  See, we’ve found the lights, but we cannot find the stud finder!  Master Pravus made it his personal mission to find the stud finder over the weekend, and guess what?  No stud finder.  He did, however, reduce our boxes by about two thirds.  Awesome, huh? We are both joking that he will likely find the stud finder in the last box he looks in.  >.<  Here is hoping that we do actually manage to find the stud finder before that point though. 

And yes, you read the above paragraph right.  Master Pravus has been doing the bulk of the unpacking.  When we first moved in, I unpacked like crazy and was working really hard on it.  It became obvious to both of us though that unpacking wasn’t a great idea for me.  All that bending down, standing up, looking down and then up, etc was really fucking with my POTS.  Not to mention going up and down the stairs has been majorly fucking with my POTS. 

I am helping unpack, but I have really only been able to stand for about twenty minutes at a time before I have to sit at the moment.  Master Pravus has decided that the moment I feel the least bit lightheaded, I have to sit down for about an hour, even if I’m feeling better.  It sounds nuts, because it means I am not on my feet a whole lot, but it is working as far as making me more productive.  Stairs have been difficult to deal with, because we actually went from a place that had less stairs to here..  And while we meant to have less stairs, we are stuck with our apartment as is.

The good news is that we do love the apartment now that most of the things that were broken have been fixed.  The front office is terrible, they never call back, and they couldn’t even be bothered to let us know that there would be people doing roofing for our building today.  We’re on the top floor of the building (top and middle, really), so you can imagine how loud it is as I type this.  Once I finish this up though I’m going to go downstairs, and hopefully I will be able to avoid some of the banging that way. 

I mean, yes, I get that the roofs needed work, but it’s only reasonable to tell us ahead of time that there were going to be people on our roof banging around at the lovely hour of seven in the morning.  As I mentioned in a previous post, we are done with trying to find a place to live that has good customer service.  Likely, they don’t exist in Colorado (Sorry, but we never, ever had this type of crap to deal with back East), but what we have done is to find an apartment that we both love. 

So, what have I been doing with my days?  Well, I have sort of been “reduced” to doing the little chores, which I don’t mind doing, but I really want to be helping Master Pravus with some of the heavier lifting as well.  It just isn’t possible right now though, so I’ve been emptying trashes, cooking, washing dishes, making ice, doing laundry, unpacking light things when I have extra energy, etc.  I was doing so good with my POTS before the move, and this new apartment has been a bit of a setback.  I was able to recover (mostly) before the move though, so I’m sure all I need right now is more time to adjust.  I’ll get there.

Even though we’ve been very busy (and tired!) from unpacking, we have made it a point to spend some time together to have play time, and just to be with each other.  I’m slowly working on getting back to my exercise regimens and we have been going on walks together on days that I walk.  (I walk and strength train on alternative days).  It has been nice to be together and go for walks.  The complex we live in really is beautiful and has a lot of gorgeous paved paths.  We will need to take pictures so I can share them with you all.  =^^=

So, we’re doing okay.  We’re just feeling unsettled and we’re feeling like we have to get things unpacked quickly.  (Some of it could probably wait, but that stud finder is going to be a salty pain in our asses, I can tell).  I’m off.  Time to get out from under the loud stompy-bangy-hammery-lameness.


4 thoughts on “Settling In Update

  1. Packing is always a PITA but the moment when you see all of your stuff set up in your new home is totally worth it! Good luck getting the POTS back under control…changes in schedule/routine are always very hard for me personally and take some adjustment.

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