At this point, life is starting to get back to normal.  Most of our things are unpacked, and we’re determined to unpack it all this time.  We aren’t leaving things in boxes that don’t belong in boxes, it’s just that the only time we really have for unpacking is the weekend, because our weekdays are usually spent working, then eating dinner, then having sex, and then working out.  In that order.  Then, by the time we finish all that, it’s time for bed.  But, the weekends have a lot more free time in them, so that’s when we’ve sort of pushed off the unpacking/reorganizing to.  Really, not being able to find the stud finder was sort of a blessing.  Thanksgiving is next week, and there are no boxes downstairs!  Score!

I am doing much better than when we moved in here a month ago, but I am still trying to figure things out.  I feel like technically I should be back to blogging every day, but that is likely still a little bit off because stairs.  It seems as though lately, my days consist of an epic battle to convince myself to go up the stairs, and then once I get up there, I have another epic battle to convince myself to go back down.  I know this is the POTS, and I know the POTS is improving, quite a bit actually, but I still haven’t conquered the stairs..  Yet.  I’m working on it though. 

Yesterday I got in forty-five minutes of strength training, followed by a twenty minute walk in the grocery store (with no scooter!), followed by a twenty minute walk (at pace) outside our apartment in the little paths in our complex.  I mean, that’s pretty good for how I have been lately.  And it really shows me I am improving.  My current goal is to get to the point where I last through one hour walks around our complex.  Once I get through that, Master Pravus says we’re going to try going back to the Zoo once per week on the weekends to walk around.  No sense going if I can’t go through an hour of walking without getting lightheaded, yet.  So, it’s a good goal.  I realize that we could go at any time and just rent a wheelchair, but I don’t want to be in a wheelchair or scooter. 

The biggest issue with blogging, at the moment, is that my computer is upstairs.  And, I generally blog before I go on cam for the day, but I am not quite well enough to be jumping around on cam for hours.  Yet. It’s coming though, I can tell.  So, this blog will be a bit spotty in the meantime, but I will keep it up as best I can, and with luck there will be more than one post per week.  <3

6 thoughts on “Stairs

  1. That’s a gigantic improvement! i am really happy to hear you’re doing so well!! Just knowing that you’ve improved that much in a relatively short time (i know it seems like forever) hopefully means you’ll be back to full strength some day! That would be just incredible for you! i will continue to keep my fingers crossed and as always hope the very very best for you! i’m sure it’s never going to be easy but it sure would be nice to see you back at 100% someday!! ***hugs*** MUAH

    1. @Treasure. Thank you, Sweetie! =^^= It means a lot to me having you in my corner as a cheerleader. POTS can improve, but since it is a side effect if another condition I have, it will never disappear entirely. Still, the bits of improvement I’m making are awesome and Master and me are really happy about it.

  2. It’s wonderful to read that you are getting stronger day by day, Kitty! Fingers crossed and good vibes into the universe or your recovery.

    And I’m very impressed with how fast you and your Master have unpacked your new home–some people (ahem, not saying any names) take several months to unpack.

    Wishing you all the best!

    1. Thank you @Mrs. Maguire =^^= We would never have unpacked so much if we weren’t desperate to find that stud finder! LOL! 🙂 We even still have a few boxes, so those “people” are not alone. 😉

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