Dressing Up

Gryffindor yoga pants!
Gryffindor yoga pants!

Even after being with Master for so many years, I sometimes forget that he really, really loves spandex.  I know, I know, that doesn’t even make any sense, especially considering how I constantly blog about it.  Master just has this thing for clothes that make a “second skin”, and he loves shiny black vinyl or spandex; he wouldn’t say no to velvet either.  I have been wearing a lot of compression garments lately, to help me stay upright due to the POTS.

While I do love my girdle, it doesn’t go with every outfit, (I have to wear a skirt or dress with it). Even if I am wearing a skirt or dress with it, stockings are the bane of my existence and I find it to be a bit of a pain to always have to wear them. 

A few weeks ago Master and me were in the store and we found a couple of compression bodysuits which unsnap at the crotch.  This was attractive to us because it would be great for when I had my period (whereas with the girdle, I can’t pull it down all the way when I have my period, and then, it sort of makes a small bulge in the middle of my rib cage because it isn’t meant to be hiked up like that). Also, it doesn’t have stockings so I can wear it around the house without worrying about snagging a stocking on something, etc.

Last week Master decided to take me to see Thor: The Dark World as a treat (Spoiler alert: the movie fucking rocks!), and I was already wearing a bodysuit (my girdle was in the wash), and a skirt and top.  The skirt had a slippery lining, and because the bodysuit is so shiny and slippery, it was sliding around a bit.  (Whereas the girdle is not slippery, so things stay put when I wear it).  We had about thirty minutes before we needed to leave (we already had tickets), and I asked Master since the skirt was riding up a bit due to the slippery bodysuit if I should go upstairs and change.

“What are you going to wear?” He asked.

“I don’t know, I need to see what’s in my closet, but I could probably find another skirt up there that doesn’t have a slippery lining.”  I said.

“Why don’t you wear your Gryffindor yoga pants.”

I agreed to wear them, but I was shocked at first.  I hadn’t expected him to say that because, in my opinion, yoga pants belong in the gym, or out on your walk.  For me, I see them in the same category as sweat pants.  I know a lot of people like to wear them anywhere, and I don’t judge them for that, I also know that yoga pants are a huge kink for a lot of people, but I see them as workout clothes, and I probably always will.  It’s just how I was brought up.  While I was changing into the yoga pants, we were talking about this together.  I wasn’t trying to get Master to change his mind or anything like that, we were just talking about yoga pants because he noticed I looked shocked by his choice.

He pointed out to me that he doesn’t see yoga pants that way.  For him, they’re just another “second skin” item that he loves to see me in and he said that they were dead sexy and he didn’t think of them as me “dressing down.”  I am constantly having to remind myself to let go of certain ideals that I have about “dressing cute” or “looking pretty”.  I am Master’s slave.  If Master thinks I look beautiful in a pair of yoga pants, then I should just try to wear yoga pants more often.

Besides, once we came home that night, Master tore my yoga pants off of me, unsnapped the crotch on my (AFF) bodysuit, and fucked the shit out of me.  If I need any more proof than that of his spandex kink, I may be crazy!

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    1. @Zoey Lol! Well, I do like yoga pants, I just typically prefer mini skirts to draw attention to my legs. (My ass is not all that amazing, but I like my legs.) =^.~=

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