I had a checkup with the cardiologist last Friday, and he said he was pleased with the way my POTS recovery was going.  I’m not where I want to be yet, and I’m working on it.  He gave me a prescription for a new medicine to help, something that would be less of an issue than the last one.  We’ll see how that goes.  He also reminded me to not get discouraged.  He told me it would probably take me about two years to get back to the place I was in June, health-wise again.  I was pretty crushed.  I mean, yes, it’s good that I have the chance to eventually get back to my normal bouncy self – but damn it, two years?  I don’t think either of us were prepared for that one. 

We were really upset about it all weekend, talking about it on and off, but we’re slowly coming to terms with it.  I mean, it takes me a lot longer to heal from things than normal due to my Ehlers-Danlos, and then, the POTS will never go 100% away either.  But, I’m a warrior, and I ain’t giving up yet.  Master Pravus knows I can get there, so I just need to pace myself and make each and every day count.  Let’s do this.

In less depressing news, the weekend was nice aside from that.  Sunday Master Pravus even decided he wanted to do the Xmas decorating.  He brought the big box of ornaments and the tree downstairs to assemble.  In the top picture, you can see a couple garlands hanging up.  There’s a small plush mistletoe hanging up in the door frame there, that you can’t see either, but it’s there I swear.


Here is a picture of where Master Pravus hung up the stockings, too!  Mine is the kitty one, the forth one down.  =^.~=  His is the penguin one.  Then, there’s one for Serenade (green one), Biggle Piggle, Applepig, and Ham pig, I believe.  The other two stockings are just decorations we were given back when we lived in Massachusetts.

Kind of gross, but, when Master Pravus was hanging up my Xmas stocking he found about ten chocolate coins I didn’t eat!  I felt so bad that they were forgotten.  I’m not really a chocoholic by any means, but chocolate coins have been a traditional part of my stocking since I was little.  Usually, Master Pravus does not put any limitations on how quickly or when I will eat anything that finds its way into my stocking.  Last year, Master Pravus regulated my coins and only let me have one at a time, at his whim.  Of course, I completely forgot I had any chocolate coins, I guess, because I didn’t eat them all.  And now I feel bad about it.  I mean, how did I not put the stocking away and notice that there was something in it?

The house is kind of a wreck still, huh?  These pictures don’t really show you the downstairs very well, but there is a huge amount of open space down there, and we’re still trying to figure out where to put everything.  The laundry has no “real” home yet, so we’re keeping it outside the little hallway the washing machine is in, for the moment anyway.  And, there are a couple boxes in the pictures because we have been bringing boxes downstairs as needed in order to unpack them.  Gawd.  -.-  The mess.  We’re working on it!  It’s hard to get things set up the way you want ‘em.

As you can see though, there are plush mice on every step of the stairs (except one.  That red river hog?  That’s Trevor!  He keeps the squirrels out, and he has done a great job at it so far!) and Serenade loves to play with them.  She’s so cute, picking the plush mice up and throwing them this way or that down the the stairs.  And then, I go back down and put them back.  <3  It’s fun.

We decorated the tree, too, but I haven’t taken any pictures yet because I took these in the daytime.  I am sure we will post a picture of the tree all lit up before XMas.


2 thoughts on “Decorations

  1. Super awesome! i love the mice on the stairs! i am surprised at the size of Apple Pig’s stocking, however. One would have thought he would have the largest of ALL the stockings in the land. hehehehe!!! =)

    i can’t wait to see more pictures of the apartment, it looks gigantic!

    i know it’s a little discouraging to hear your recovery will take a while but at least you are well on your way! =) **hugs**

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