Coloring In Cuffs


After dinner, we had decided to go out and buy some ice cream at the store.  Master Pravus wanted ice cream, but also figured if we bought some at the store there would be some leftovers for Thanksgiving.  Once we got home, I needed to use the bathroom.  He told me once I got out from the bathroom not to get settled.  I heard him go upstairs and get something, though I wasn’t sure what he was getting.  I was washing things and getting changed so it took me a couple minutes.

Once I got done in the bathroom, I saw that he had got the metal handcuffs and leg cuffs.  I still didn’t really know what he was planning on doing.  He told me to sit down in the chair at the table (he indicated the one that I ate dinner in earlier), and I did so.  He brought the cuffs over, and somehow I hadn’t suspected that he was going to manacle me into the chair.  I am silly like that.  I do not know why, but, when I see a toy or a piece of equipment, all these scenarios go through my head and I try to figure out what exactly he is going to do with them.  Not that it really even matters what he’s going to do, but my brain always whirrs and hums in my head with curiosity.

After he cuffed my feet and arms to bits on the chair, he took out my invisible ink coloring book.  He bought it for me this past weekend because it was Hello Kitty, and he couldn’t resist.  I haven’t done much in the way of coloring in it yet though, I’m savoring it, so there are only two pages done.  He duct-taped the book to the table, and he put the salt container on the other end of the book so that the pages wouldn’t fold over on me.  Then, he put the special invisible ink pen in my mouth.

“See?  You can’t mess up or color on the table!”

I “Mmmmphed” my thanks and started coloring.

As it turns out, if you drool on one of those invisible ink books, the spot you drool on will not work.

I made another “Mmmmph” noise that sounded like an “uh-oh”, and Master Pravus took the pen out of my mouth for a minute for me to explain.  He wrapped a paper towel around the pen, because, hot as it is to color in my book with only my mouth, he didn’t want to ruin the coloring book.


I “Mmmphed” once more to tell him I used up the coloring book page and needed a new one at one point, too.  It’s kind of the best thing ever that, once you have been with someone long enough they understand you completely fine, whether or not you have a hand covering your mouth, a ball gag in, or are writing with a huge invisible ink pen.  Now, that is Twue Wuv if you ask me.

After maybe ten or fifteen minutes of watching me, Master Pravus started to get really hard.  I, of course, was delighted by this but also a bit bummed.  I was on my period, so I knew that he wouldn’t fuck me (too messy), especially if I was downstairs on the chair.  (That’s why I am still wearing panties, in case you were curious).

Master Pravus took the pen out of my mouth and capped it.  He pulled his cock out of his underwear and started teasing me with it.  He rubbed it on my tits and nipples.  I moved a bit in the chair, to try to get my tits in a better position for him (more skin to skin contact for his dick). He was pleased by this.  As we were using the metal cuffs, they sort of stopped me from going too far, and before long, I even began to lose feeling in my right hand (which was facing away from Master) because the metal was pinching it too well.  We didn’t stop though.  (It’s just some numbness).

Master Pravus began to rub his hard cock, the tip just barely touching my nipple, hitting my nipple in a rhythmic motion.  I have never had an orgasm from nipple stimulation only, but I have gotten close a few times.  I feel like there is an invisible cord going from my nipples directly to my clit.  The more he teased my nipple, the more turned on I got.  His other hand was pinching my other nipple, and squeezing my tit hard.  It was nice and red, and I was very, very horny.  Master Pravus came all over my left tit, which only left me even hornier.

With a huge grin on his face, he ran upstairs to get something, I had a feeling I knew what it would be.  He had gotten the (AFF) Hitachi!

“I feel so bad that you went upstairs to get that!”  I told him.

“I’m not the one who has trouble with the stairs,” he reminded me. “And, I wanted to.”

He put the toy on my clit and I nearly came, it only took a couple of minutes for me to cum hard, even with the Hitachi on the outside of my panties – through a pad!  =^^=  Love that thing.  I wish I could have gotten Master’s cock, but, my period will end soon enough and I did have a splendid time.

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