Did you have a nice Thanksgiving?  Master Pravus and me did!  We always enjoy Thanksgiving, but it’s not really a “top” holiday for us.  It’s nice to have special food and to spend the day together, but that’s really all the meaning the holiday has for us, you know?  That morning, I did make Master Pravus his favorite breakfast.


(You can get the recipe for yourself if you google “Bacon, Egg, and Toast Cups”, it’s pretty simple to make, but looks kind of awesome on the plate.  You can tell that it’s especially easy to make because I made it.  I’m not the worst cook in the world, but I admit I need a recipe if I want anything to taste delicious, and I also need it to be something not too wrist intensive.  (IE, if you want me to make you bread, I can do it, but I’m likely to hurt myself.  Dumb wrists.)


Master Pravus was incredibly pleased with his breakfast, and he nommed them down in greedy fashion, which made me a happy kitty.  It’s nice when I can manage to make him something that he really likes.

We spent the day mostly lounging around, and not doing a lot.  I woke up not feeling my best, so at some point that morning, he brought me down to Starbucks to get a latte.  Kind of him.  I got a caramel brulee, and it was so delicious that I offered him a sip.  He is not really into lattes or coffee at all, but when he tasted it, he thought it was so delicious that we went back out to get him one!  I made a joke about how it probably isn’t good to get him hooked on my bad habits, but, I don’t get lattes all that often anyway so it wasn’t a huge deal.


Dinner was nice, Master Pravus and Apple Pig had ham, corn, peas, wheat rolls mashed potatoes, apple cider, and there were special dark chocolate cupcakes for dessert.  I had a lot of the same things, but I also had a Gardein stuffed Turk’y, and stuffing.  I love stuffing, it’s my favorite “Thanksgiving” food.

We had play time, I got a new pretty thigh bruise, we had a lovely walk outside (It was in the fifties!), and it was just a nice quiet day.  We played video games (we got a couple new ones the day before), relaxed, and just enjoyed each other’s company.  It was a great day for both of us.

One thing that we have both been enjoying a lot in the new place, is that there is room for a kitchen table.  We haven’t had the space for a kitchen table since our (third, I think) apartment together, and it has been really nice having somewhere to eat dinner besides the living room with TV dinner trays.  The table was festive on Thanksgiving with all the food and the candles and everything.  =^^=  I had a great time.

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