Tired.  That’s about how you could sum up the last week or so.  My workouts were really exacerbating the anemia so Master had me (temporarily) cut them out.  At this point, I am running out of breath just going from the futon (in the living room) to the kitchen or bathroom, which are both equally five or six steps in their respected directions.  I really am having a very difficult time with dealing with the anemia.

Having never had anemia, I really had no clue what to expect.  I have been on iron supplements for eleven days and I haven’t noticed much difference yet.  My doctor didn’t give me any sort of time frame for when I might start feeling better so I turned to the Internet for help.  It looks like (everyone’s different) but it could take me a month to start getting my energy back.  I see the doctor again next week so I will see what she has to say then.

One thing that has been difficult when it comes to iron is that there are a ton of foods you can’t take within two hours of iron containing foods or supplements (if you do, you absorb substantially less iron).  Calcium, caffeine, eggs, anything high oxalate, and a few other things.  So, timing high iron foods around other foods is a pain in the ass.

My day-to-day looks like absolute crap right now.  I literally have barely enough energy to get out of bed until late afternoon.  I am not really keeping up with chores, and even getting myself dressed has become a pain in the morning.

I hesitated to write this blog post because, anemia is not one of those things with a quick recovery time.  I feel terrible and that is not likely to change for a few months.  Master Pravus says that skating over the medical or difficult parts of my life would make this blog less real though.  He is right, of course, and I have done my fair share of whining in here, but I don’t want to blog a bunch of whiney things.

When I am well, Master Pravus likes a blog post per day, however, right now I am having difficulty just doing the daily things I need to do to keep well.  So for the moment, I will be doing a minimum of one post per week, but likely more posts will crop up as my energy progresses.  The only reason I am even able to write this blog post right now, actually, is that I am writing it in bed from the Wii U.  Unfortunately I cannot upload pictures from here so posts with pictures in them have to wait until Master Pravus can escort me upstairs to take them off of the camera.

So basically, I’m hanging in there but things are tough right now.  Whenever I have a good day it is always followed by a bad one.  Yesterday I got a lot done and today it is 1PM and I am still in bed.

I have a few reviews I would like to get up soon, and I want to post pictures of our tree too.  I’m very excited for Xmas with Master Pravus next week.  We have a few presents under the tree, and I filled Master Pravus’ stockings with presents.


6 thoughts on “IRON-ic

  1. I hope this doesn’t get taken wrong but if typing up a post once a week is a pain at the moment thanks to the anemia why don’t you talk to your master about doing video blogs again. Aren’t they faster? If not my bad and I’m sorry.

    1. @Noba It’s a good thought but I don’t vlog anymore because I have to be careful what I say on YouTube. There’s a bunch of children there. -.- Not exactly the sort of audience I wanna cater to, you know?

      Then there is the fact that I look awful right now so I don’t really want to be seen on video. 😉

      But good thought. 🙂

  2. i’m really sorry you’re having a hard time! i was happy to see an update, as always, i worry about you when i don’t hear anything for a while. Looking at the big picture, as difficult as things are right now, i think you’re really adjusting as well as can be expected! Your M is right, people want to know what’s going on with you, the good and the bad i don’t think you’re wining, you’re just giving a real life update and we (you, me, other bloggers) typically talk about the most prominent things going on in our lives. When that happens to be our health then that’s what we talk about. There are a million other posts when we DON’T talk about our health! JmHO.

    Just know i’m always in your corner gawking… woops! eeerr i mean cheering for you, yep that’s what i meant!! heh. If you ever need me or if you get bored, i’ll always be here!! <3 you!

    1. @Treasure Thanks for always being there for me. You really will never know how much it means or how much I appreciate you. ::hugs::

      BTW: Please tell Kerpy I hope he gets his hobo stick from Santa. =^.~=

  3. > I have to be careful what I say on YouTube. There’s a bunch of children there.

    Thank you for having a conscious. My nephew is on YouTube.


    Ask if you need a second mineral or vitamin to help your body absorb the iron. Some work hand and hand.

    For some reason not all doctors think of this, even the most famous, calcium and vitamin D.

    And Good luck at your Doc appointment!!!

    1. Thanks @Gaia! I try to use common sense around children or at least in places that they congregate. 🙂

      The idea about the vitamins is a good one. Vitamin C actually helps the absorption of iron quite a bit so I take my iron with a small glass of orange juice.

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