Out To Breakfast

Master and me went out to breakfast a few days ago, and we sat down and waited patiently for our waiter.  Our waiter was really nice, and we have seen him around that restaurant before.  He came over, and, he was very nice and very perky.

“Are you ready to order?”  He asks, in his happy-to-be-here voice.

“Yes!”  Says Master back, in his equally perky voice.

“Ladies first,” says the waiter.

And, without hesitating, Master starts ordering for me.

“She’ll have the……”

Mr. Perky Waiter patiently wrote everything down, and double checked with us on what we wanted, and then he says:

“That’s so cool!  I have never seen a man order for his woman before like that.”

And I smiled, and said “Oh yes, he always chooses my meals for me.”  And he grinned and walked away to get us our drinks.

It was such a contrast to this time that we went out to eat, and the waitress was pissed that Master Pravus ordered my food for me.

After the waiter walked away, Master told me that he wanted me to eat with my left hand, including drinking my tea.  I was immediately frustrated, hurt, and angry inside because my left hand gets injured so easily.  I sublux it constantly, and I didn’t want to risk it.  Of course, I didn’t argue or tell him that I didn’t want to do it, I just felt really upset that I had to.

The waiter came back with my tea, and I had to pick up the tea cup in my left hand, it was very difficult, but I managed it.  Master said he knew it was hard for me, but he enjoyed seeing me struggle with the cup.

He had me cutting up my food with my left hand too, which was incredibly difficult for me, and I felt like crying a few times.  I took a deep breath, and I reminded myself about how happy I was making Master.  He kept smiling at me, and I knew he was enjoying watching this.  His smile made me smile, and I was happy to see him happy.  Pleasing him is always so pleasing, even when it’s difficult, you know?

In the middle of eating my food, Master told me that he could see the struggle on my face, and he knew that it was difficult for me, and that I was having a hard time trying to figure out which hand to use to cut things up, etc, but that he was really enjoying watching me correct myself.

Master challenges me like this all the time, whether at home or out in public (he just keeps things G rated when we’re in public like that).  It was very difficult, but I was glad I didn’t give up or stop trying.

7 thoughts on “Out To Breakfast

  1. We keep things G-rated too~ :DD

    I’m really glad this was a better waitstaff experience [that other lady was deffo a load of blah.]

    I also try to challenge myself to use my right hand for things [right side is my weak side with my cerebral palsy.] and holy hell it is definitely frustrating to try to do things with your non-dominant [*giggle*] hand or leg. However I think in the end when you succeed for yourself or for the pleasure of your Dominant that definitely makes that struggle & frustration worth it in the end. [I know you pretty much said that in your post so I’m echoing. LOL]

  2. Kitty,
    i don’t remember where we were just recently when Master placed my order for me and the waiter was a little thrown off when i placed my menu at the end of the table and just waited for Master to decide what i would be having. Sometimes, as you know, they just aren’t very receptive to the idea that Master will not only be placing the order but deciding what i will be eating. i think it’s just such an archaic idea that people have a hard time wrapping their heads around it.

    i totally know how frustrating it is having to do something that They know is hard for you or uncomfortable yet you know you have no choice! Just like you, sometimes i feel like crying but i have to keep in mind that i know it’s pleasing Him and just center on that!! For me, it almost helps if i sort of say a mantra “this is pleasing Him, i’m the slave” or something silly like that.

    i love how dedicated you always are to pleasing Him though!! It’s always a good feeling too, seeing the smile on Their faces too isn’t it? =)


    1. @Treasure Yes, I had a sort of mantra going on in my head too. Most times, I don’t have a difficult time obeying, and even in this circumstance, it wasn’t hard to obey, that’s just my nature. But, sometimes, I do admit there are things I don’t want to do, and trying to plow through them and do them anyway can be a bit of a challenge. But, by the time we finished eating, I felt a lot better than I did when I started, because, as I said, seeing him smile, and hearing him acknowledge my struggle made it more pleasant for me. And the bestest part of all? I managed to do something I didn’t think I could do, and that, really is just so awesome to me. =^^=

      1. Right of course, you’d never intentionally disobey. That’s the point, you know you’re going to do He knows you’re going to do and it’s all about working as hard as you can to please Him. i can just see you sitting there and Him sitting up sort of behind you with His somewhat wicked sweet smile knowing how much you want to please Him!! SUPER sweet! Love you guys!! <3

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