New Year’s Eve

2013 is coming to a close, and my goodness, this was really not an easy year for Master Pravus and me.

In January, we had to say goodbye to Sabrina.

February brought a diagnosis of a permanent genetic condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

Master got me a special piercing for Valentine’s Day!

It also brought hedonism Week, which was all sorts of fun and something we both needed desperately.

In May, we adopted a new console into our ranks!

I also publicly came out about my bad experiences with water in the past, and then started taking water comfort classes to help me get over them.

I even got my first ever pair of Doc Martens.

June began what Master and me thought would finally be the summer I started to become more physically capable.  Having always been active up until about five years ago, I keep trying to get back to the place I was athletically.  Yoga and swimming lessons were on my menu.

And, because I am the bravest kitty in the world (slight exaggeration) I did pass my Water Comfort class with flying colors!

In July, Master and me re-doubled our efforts to get me to be more physically functional with weekly walks (four or five hours per week) at the Denver Zoo, which we became members to.

We also got to go to Slut Walk, for the second time ever.

Despite all my hard work, I started to have doubts about the swimming lessons.

The end of July found me with a terrible POTS attack, that was scary for both Master and me, despite years of dealing with POTS prior to that.

And, in the beginning of August, my POTS scared us both again, leaving us with no choice but another emergency room run.

In the middle of fighting the good fight, and being unable to sit up for longer than five or ten minutes at a time, we found out we had to move.

September brought Gaspar and Treasure of Master Dream’s Precious Treasure to our place for a weekend of wild zany antics!

It also brought our five year collaring (wedding) anniversary:

To end the month on a sour note, we had to go home for a family weddingUh huh.

October wasn’t too exciting, because we spent most of it preparing for the move.

At the end of October, we did our move, including a trip to Boo At The Zoo.

In November, we continued to unpack, and even brought the Xmas decorations out.

As soon as I started to get better physically, another ER trip happened and we found out I had anemia.

As things stand, I’m about to end the year considering ablation to get my anemia under control.  Not exactly the best way to end the year, but, although there were a lot of wrenches thrown into our year, there were also a lot of good things:  We got to meet Master Gaspar and his Treasure.  We got to move somewhere that we love compared with our last apartment.  We made a few new friends, had to leave a few behind.  We got to go on a vacation for the first time in several years.  I managed to pass a swimming class, and hope to take another in the future.  Things have been rough this year, but we both have very high hopes that 2014 will be better.

Wherever you are, this New Year’s Eve, and whatever it is you’re doing, I hope you are safe and happy.  Most of all I hope that 2014 is good to you, and that you and yours are happy and healthy.

5 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve

    1. @Gaspar Yep, September was pretty awesome. P.S. Tell Kevin Biggle Piggle is asking for him. She’s dressed in her pretty dress for New Year’s Eve. 🙂

      1. Kevin said “Kevin heeheeheeheeheeheehee Kevin beak Kevin is dressed in his beak. Kevin also has a lovely red scarf and Kevin is dressed in his pooh sweatshirt. Kevin misses them all very much and Kevin Kevin Kevin thinks Biggle Piggle is pretty hihihihihihihihihihihi.”

  1. I am still giggling over the fact we were working on our year recap blogposts around the same time yesterday! 🙂 It was really awesome to go back through your year and re-read a lot of them especially Sin In The City. :DD

    Happy 2014, sweets! <3

    1. @Kitty Creepy (In a good way) indeed! 😀 Sin In The City was one of the bestest parts of this year. We have tickets for next year (in two months) so I’m hoping I’m improved enough to enjoy it by then. 🙂

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