Xmas Decorations

I have been wanting to post the pictures from Xmas, but, there was one final touch we wanted to make before I gathered all the pictures together…  And: surprise, it still didn’t happen!  I swear, we are ridiculous sometimes.  Every year it is tradition to buy one new ornament for our tree.  Of course, this year, it took us forever to pick something out (nothing really “grabbed us), and we wound up settling on a bunch of cute purple baubles.  Then, we looked everywhere and couldn’t find the hooks.  >.<  Seriously.  So, we’ve given up on looking for them (we’ll buy new ones next year if they don’t turn up before then), and they just aren’t going to make it onto the tree this season.  We take all of the Xmas decorations down on the first of the year, after all.

Xmas Baubles

See?  They are just some cute mini purple ornaments.  They will look nice next year.

Xmas Tree 2013

Here’s a shot of the tree itself.  Nothing new this year, but it doesn’t seem right not posting a picture of the tree.  You can see a lot of plushies piled up underneath it.  We haven’t finished unpacking and reorganizing yet, so that was our temporary solution to unpacking them.

Stocking Presents 2013

Here are the Christmas stocking presents!  Thank you so much, Santa!  I actually got two caramels.  I ate the first one early on in the Xmas morning, and then later that night, I was about to eat the other one as dessert after eating dinner.  Master unwrapped it for me, and put it on the table and told me I could eat it but only if I used no hands.  Mew!  =^.~=

Apple Pig Xmas 2013

Apple Pig was a lucky little pig this year, because he got a new pair of socks!  They were cute Star Wars socks to match the other pair he already has, only these ones don’t have Darth Vader on them.  (This way, he has a back up pair for when his Vader ones are in the wash).

Apple Pig's Sock Up Close

Close up of Apple Pig’s socks.  Thank you, Santa!  We had a good Xmas this year.  =^^=

4 thoughts on “Xmas Decorations

  1. I do the same thing for the ornaments for X~Mas. I couldn’t find anything. So instead, my friend had bought me a necklace with a really cute owl on it, but I can’t wear, it breaks me out, so that will be mine.

    I guess it is just a bad year for ornaments.

    1. @Gaia A bad year for ornaments, indeed! I guess we could have scouted one out a little harder (we didn’t go to a specialty store or anything like that), but still!

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