Night Time Is The Right Time

We’ve had morning sex a couple times.  It’s just that, I’m not normally useful until I’ve eaten breakfast.  Most people need caffeine, I just need some food.  We’ve even been known to have sex mid-day, or in the afternoon.  Why not?  I mean, if there’s nowhere we need to be, and nothing we gotta do (aside from each other)?

Lately, we have been having sex 99% of the time super late at night.  I think it has something to do with the fact that the bed is downstairs.  Most of our toys and restraints are all upstairs, and we brought a couple of them downstairs, but we don’t really need gear in order to have a good time.  It is fun, and we both love it, yes, but if it’s not easy to get ahold of we are no worse off.

The funny part is, that as we settle into bed lately, I’ve been somewhat trying to seduce Master Pravus.

“No, Kitty.  It’s time to sleep.  Master needs to be up early,”  He will tell me, and so I’ll roll back over to my side of the bed, and I’ll try to sleep.

We don’t have any rule in place about me not being allowed to initiate contact, and Master Pravus enjoys it when I do.  However, just because I sometimes initiate does not mean we will always have sex or play time.  Master Pravus makes the ultimate decision on when we’re going to have sex.

Ok, actually, that wasn’t the funny part.  The funny part is that, Master Pravus turns me down (which is fine) only to wake me at some ungodly hour for sex.  (Midnight, one AM, sometimes even later).  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining at all!  I will happily wake up at any hour for sex.  In fact, he teased me recently about how he can only recall one time in our entire relationship where I didn’t want to have sex, though I had been to the ER earlier in that day so he forgives me.

Sex at 10PM?

“No, Kitty!  I need to sleep!  Master has to be up at 5:30AM for work!”

Sex at 1AM:

“Get over here and suck this while I spank your ass and pinch off your nose, Kitty.”

I mean, as I said, this isn’t a complaint!  It’s just something we both have been laughing about lately.  Cocks are silly like this, I think.  When they want to get hard, they want to get hard, and if that is some insane hour of the night, then who am I to argue?

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